Volume 5 Issue 11 2018

Mechanical Behavior of Palmyra Palm Leaf Stalk Fiber Based Polymer Composites

Ahmed Amin Haris and Md. Rafiquzzaman

Page No.: 837-842

Performance Limitations of an Optical PSK Heterodyne WDM System due to Raman Amplifier Induced Crosstalk

A Abdullah and S.P. Majumder

Page No.: 843-851

Design of a 10 kW W-band Sheet Beam Extended Interaction Klystron

Anurag Srivastava

Page No.: 852-857

Secure Data Transmission in Cloud Environment Using Criticality with Visual Cryptography and Genetic Algorithm

Mamta, Fatima Abdullah, Mr. Mayank Deep Khare and Dr. Chandra Shekhar Yadav

Page No.: 858-866

Parametric Analysis using Incremental Dynamic Method

Mourad Belgasmia

Page No.: 867-878

Testing of High Speed Data Transmission over a Fading Channel on a Graphics Processing Unit for Software Defined Radio

Rehan Muzammil

Page No.: 879-887

Improvement of Unhairing Operations in Tanning Process in Sudanese Tanneries

Mutasim Ahmed Ali, Alim A. Haj Ali and Mohammed H. M. Abuuznien

Page No.: 888-891

Area Efficient Fixed Width Multiplier Design for DSP Applications

R. S. Keote and P.T. Karule

Page No.: 892-897

Area Bispectrum and Bicoherence Analysis using HOSA (Higher Order Spectral Analysis) –A Review

S. Abirami* and S. Sivagamasundari

Page No.: 898-902

Real and Imaginary Platform in Mathematics Applied to Science and Technology

T. M. Gwary and H. M. Balami

Page No.: 903-906

Assessment of Treated Calcium Chloride Adsorbent for Solar Refrigeration

S. A. Anjorin, T. John Sheer

Page No.: 907-926