Reason to Publish

Reason to Publish with EJAET

Why publish with EJAET?

EJAET is an ideal place for the publication of your significant research findings. EJAET ‘s   goal is to ease the whole publication process by offering excellent services and expertise.

  • Rapid publication

Online submission (send your paper to, electronic  review and production make the process of publishing your article simple and efficient.

  • Electronic submission system

An efficient, easy, and user friendly electronic submission system reduces the overall time from submission to publication.

  • Global coverage

Authoritative articles from around the world give you a truly global perspective on the subjects that matter to you.

  • Promotion of your articles

Articles are widely promoted through email updates, table of contents; email alerts, postings on the EJAET homepage.

  • You retain copyright, licensing the article

This means that your article can be freely redistributed and reused by yourself and others as long as the article is correctly attributed. For example, your published article can be posted on your personal or institutional homepage, emailed to friends and colleagues, printed and sent to as many people as you wish, archived in a collection, distributed on CD-ROM, included in course-packs, quoted in the press, translated and further distributed as often and widely as possible.

  • High visibility and international readership in your field

Our Open access policy ensures high visibility and maximum exposure for your work – anyone with online access can read your article.

  • From broad to specialist interest journals

Whether you wish to publish in a broad interest or specialist interest journal, EJAET offers an open access journal to suit your manuscript.