Volume 5 Issue 1 2018

Laser Additive Manufacturing: Static Properties and Microstructure Characterization of a Near-Eutectic Aluminium Alloy

KV Sudhakar, Bryce Abstetar, Ronda Coguill, Scott Coguill, Taylor Winsor and Bruce Madigan

Page No.: 1-7

Slope Stability Assessment in and around Taiz City, Yemen, Using Landslide Possibility Index (LPI)

Janardhana MR and Abdul-Aleam Ahmed ADAl-Qadhi

Page No.: 8-17

Coordination of SVC and TCSC in Multimachine Power System for Voltage Profile Improvement

Maulik Pandya and JG Jamnani

Page No.: 18-23

Graphical Modeling and Automation of a Single Screw Extruder 

Houssem Eddine Amara and Samia Latreche

Page No.: 24-34

Combustion and Emission Characteristics of a Direct Injection Diesel Engine at Various EGR Conditions- A Numerical and Experimental Study

Gokul Raj CR, Jinuchandran, Nandhu Krishna, Jyothis S, Aneesh K Johnyand and Biju Cherian Abraham

Page No.: 35-42

Encrypted Data Management with Deduplication in Cloud Computing

DP Mishra, P Amitha, KS Reddy, NJamiand MD Prasad

Page No.: 43-49

Multiband Metamaterial Antenna with Omega Shaped SRR Structure for Wireless Communication

Santosh Kumar, Paras and Dheeraj Pandey

Page No.:50-54

Power Transmission Capacity Enhancement of EHV AC Double Circuit Transmission lines by Increasing Surge Impedance Loading Level Considering Corona Loss Effect

Jitendra G Jamnani

Page No.: 55-60

Energy Efficient DVFS with VM Migration

Nishant Kumar, Raj Kumar and Mayank Aggrawal

Page No.: 61-68

Horizontal Hand off Between Heterogeneous Wi-Fi Networks Using Reactive and Proactive Routing Protocol 

Vrushali Shirpurkar, Pravin Mawale, RaviKshirsagar and Prabhakar Dorge

Page No.: 69-74

Comparison of Enhanced Mechanical Properties and Texture of Pure Aluminium & Its Composite Processed by Powder Metallurgy and Equal Channel Angular Pressing

Sunil Kadiyan and BS Dehiya

Page No.: 75-79