Volume 4 Issue 9 2017

Effects of Lime Stabilization on the pH Scales of Soils in Parts of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

PH Bhengu and D Allopi

Page No.: 644-648

New Trends in Solar Energy Modeling and Developing a Relation for Performance of Solar Radiation

Bal Mukund Sharma and Kuldeep Sahay

Page No.: 649-656

Corrosion Inhibition and Adsorption Properties of Soy Polymer  Extract of Glycine Mac-L On Mild Steel in Acidic Medium

CO Chike-Onyegbula, HC Obasi, UL Ezeamaku and LAzubuike

Page No.: 657-662

Study of Various Pretreatment Methods for Tea Waste for the   Removal of Nickel Ni (II) Ions from Synthetic Waste Water by    Adsorption

Sudeep Asthana and Shweta Gupta

Page No.: 663-667

Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation in Fiber-Wireless (FiWi) Access Networks

Uma Rathore Bhatt, Alpa Sharma, Vijendra Mishra and Raksha Upadhyay

Page No.: 668-677

Design and Implementation of Speech Controlled Spider Bot

Kazi Mustafizul Gani, Hafezur Rahman Chowdhury, Sakil Khan, Tauhid, Wayes Arefin and Saniat Rahman Zishan

Page No.: 678-685

Current-Mode DVCCCTA based KHN Filter with Two Capacitors and Two NMOS-Resistors

Tom Taraque Sabbah, Tahira Parveen and Parveen Beg

Page No.: 686-690

Simulation of Gas Turbine Power Plant using High Pressure Fogging Air Intake Cooling System

EK Orhorhoro, EN Achimnole, MO Onogbotsere and O Oghoghorie

Page No.: 691-696

Development of a New Material System for a High Strength Mechanical Applications

Gowtham BP, Rudramuni Sand Maheshkumar Matin

Page No.: 697-706

Evaluation of Biological Fouling of RO/MF Membrane and Methods to Prevent It

Maliheh Torki, Nima Nazari and Toraj Mohammadi

Page No.: 707-710

An Investigation of Dynamic Characteristics of Milling Cutter for Better Health Condition Monitoring

V Sudheer Kumar, Ch Nagarajuand M Balaji

Page No.: 711-716