Volume 4 Issue 5 2017

The Engineering Properties of Traditional and Fibre Reinforced Mud Brick 

Hanifi Binici 

Page No.: 311-318

Improved Two Phase Clocked Adiabatic Static CMOS Logic Circuit 

Minal Keote and PT Karule 

Page No.: 319-325

Face Recognition System Using PCA, LDA & Jacobi Method 

Neel Borkar and Sonia Kuwelkar 

Page No.: 326-331

Fault Diagnosis in Cantilever Beam Using Fuzzy Logic 

JR Chaudhari and CR Patil 

Page No.: 332-342

Artificial Neural Network Based Development of Pavement Depreciation Models for Urban Roads 

Sourabh Jain, SS Jain and Gaurav V Jain 

Page No.: 343-351

Solution of the Number of Servers Pivot on Batch Arrivals 

Dhanesh Garg 

Page No.: 352-355

BAT Synergetic Synchronization of Two Chua’s Chaotic Systems 

Emira Nechadi and Mohamed Naguib Harmas 

Page No.: 356-364

Microstrip Patch Antenna 

G Ram 

Page No.: 365-373

Parametric Effects on Backward Cup Extrusion Route for 6063-T6 Aluminum Alloy 

Bashir Musa E, Ikpe Anielka E, Osadolor Alex O and Odogu Emmanuel O 

Page No.: 374-382

Recommendation of Hashtags for Effective Organization of Tweets Using Frequent Pattern Mining 

Pooja GR, Sameeksha M and Asha T 

Page No.: 383-389

Development of a Processing Plant for Recycling of Spent Engine Oil 

William Oluwalana and Saheed Akande 

Page No.: 390-397

Study of Minimum Dimensions for Concrete Structural Members against Fire Resistance including Cover Provisions in Different Countries Standards 

Manish Nigam, Rajendra Kumar Srivastava, Abdul Quadir, Abhishek Singhand Shreya Jadon1 

Page No.: 398-403

Wind Induced Lake Circulation Model Application in the Lake Rudrasagar, Tripura (India) 

Mihir Pal, Malabika B Roy and Pankaj KRoy 

Page No.: 404-409