Volume 4 Issue 11 2017

Effects of Device Parameter Variation in Low-Voltage Digital and Analog Circuits

Preyom Dey and Payman Zarkesh-Ha

Page No.: 788-796

Effect of Penstock Area Reduction and Number of Turbine V-Blades on the Performance of a Simple Pico-Hydropower System

Alex O Edeoja, Matthew Ekoja and Livinus T Tuleun

Page No.: 797-806

Patient Specific Finite Element Modeling of Human Vertebra

Hend A Mostafa, Osama AM Abdelaal, Wael M Khier and AA Khalil

Page No.: 807-813

Nature Inspired Scalable Design Trends forFlapping Wing Configurations

Sundas Rafat Mulkana and Adnan Maqsood

Page No.: 814-820

Performance Analysis of AODV & IPAODV Routing Protocols in Zigbee Cluster Tree Network

Prabhakar D Dorge and Shruti F Shende

Page No.: 821-827

Conductometric, Potentiometric and Antimicrobial Investigations on Cu (II)-ThiosemicarbazoneSystems

Uma Rathore, Garima Prajapat, Rama Gupta and N Bhojak

Page No.: 828-835

Optimal Design and System Control in an Oscillating Combustion by Electromechanical Link Based Valve

J Narsaiah, P Laxminarayana and J Govardhan

Page No.: 836-843

Half – Mode Substrate Integrated Waveguide Bandpass Filter with Split Ring Resonators

Anju P Mathews, AO Lindo and CK Aanandan

Page No.: 844-849

Heat Generation and Radiation Effects on MHD Casson Fluid Flow Over a Stretching Surface Through Porous Medium

Noura S Alsedais

Page No.: 850-857

Energy Harvesting for Electric Train: Application of Multi-Renewable Energy Sources with Sophisticated Technology

Md Ahsanul Kabir Bulbul, Md Ashiqur Rahman Laskar, Md Waqeeb Tahmeed Sayeed Chy and Mir Sahariat

Page No.: 858-865

Non Linear Thermal Radiation Effects on MHD Heat and Mass Transfer in Carreau Nanofluid Over a Permeable Stretching Sheet with Suction\Injection

Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy Nimma and Kishan Naikoti

Page No.: 866-877