Volume 4 Issue 10 2017

The Effect of Rutting in Flexible Pavement as a Result of Aggregate Gradation On Asphalt Mixes 

Bathandwa Nzuzo NgxonAnchorgo and Dhiren Allopi

Page No.: 717-722

Structural, Ionic Transport and Dielectric Studies of Polyvinyl Formal (PVF) based NCPEs Dispersed with Multiferroic (BFO) Filler

Markandey Singh, Kamlesh Pandey and SL Agrawal

Page No.: 723-732

Determination of Wastewater Quality Index of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant using Fuzzy Rule Base 

SB Raut, GS Anaokar and AS Dharnaik

Page No.: 733-738

PAPR Reduction in SLM Scheme using Exhaustive Search Method 

MVS Sairam

Page No.: 739-743

Optical Study of Six Oils of Indian Origin 

Satyendra Pratap Singh, Vishal Singh Chandel and Rajiv Manohar

Page No.: 744-751

Automated Age Prediction Using Geometric Features of Facial Images and Neural Network 

Sudip Mandal, Ujjal Murmu and Baidyanath Sarkar

Page No.: 752-758

Effect of Reinforcement on stability and Settlement of Embankment: A Finite Element analysis of Different Kinds of Reinforcing and Construction Conditions 

Payam Majedi, Babak Karimi Ghalehjough, Suat Akbulut and Semet Çelik

Page No.: 759-764

Effect of Garment Size Ratio and Marker Width Variation on Marker Efficiency for both Manual and Computerized Marker

Mohammad Faizur Rahman, Mohammad Rafiqur Rashid, EmdadulHaque and Md. ZulfikarHasan

Page No.: 765-772

Black Carbon Incorporation Effect on Optical Properties of Poly-Methyl Methacrylate Films 

Hasan H Mahdi

Page No.: 773-778

The Influence of Waste Crankcase Oil Blended Fuel Samples on Flame and Thermal Behaviour of Atomising Swirl Oil Burner

BS Lukaand IR Ejilah

Page No.: 779-787