Volume 3 Issue 4 2016

Composition Formulae for Unified Fractional Integral Operators 

Manish Kumar Bansal and Rashmi Jain 

Page No.: 1-6

Securing Pervasive Communications in Healthcare Systems 

T Soren Craig, Sudeer Chinta, Mary Eshaghian-Wilner, Nikila Goli, Aman Gupta and Andrew Prajogi 

Page No.: 7-11

Keyword Extraction Mechanism for Efficient Document Recommendation: A Review 

Shreya S Surjuse and SC Dharmadhikari 

Page No.: 12-17

Effect of Substrate Material on the Electrical Properties of HfO2 MOS Device 

M Kumar, SV Jagadeesh Chandra, S Aruna sree, B Siva Nageswara Rao 

Page No.: 18-22

A Taxonomical Review on Distributed Generation Planning 

Bindeshwar Singh, D Singh, RP Payasi, J Sharma, MK Yadav and Charitra Pal 

Page No.: 23-38

A Voltage Controlled PMBLDCM Drive Adjustable Speed using a Single-Stage PFC Half-Bridge Converter 

Kanchana Rajesh Babu 

Page No.: 39-47

Portable Thermoelectric Waste Heat Recovery System 

Sharwari Dandekar, Viraj Chavan, Vaishnavi Gaikwad, Ujwal Chaudhari and Rajesh V Kale 

Page No.: 48-53

Photodegradation Effect on LLDPE/LDPE/PLA Blend Films 

Priti Dubey, Navin Chand, Smita Mathur and Pradeep Upadhyaya 

Page No.: 54-59

Secure Blind Storage with Multiple User Access Provision 

P Golda Jeyasheeli, Nadar Jasmine Sunderraj and N Umakanth 

Page No.: 60-65

Plastic Injection Molding Process and Its Aspects for Quality: A Review 

Rizwan Mohd Khan and Gaurav Acharya 

Page No.: 66-70