Volume 3 Issue 11 2016

A Perspective for Soft Robotics: Bio-Inspired Evolution in Robotics 

Pooja Balasubramanian, Clement D’Souza and Yasmin Farah 

Page No.: 1-9

Performance Improvement of Mechanical Induced Draft   Cooling Tower by Using Aluminum as Fill Medium 

Syed Amjad Ahmad, Anas Ahmad, Ahmed Butt and Taimoor Waqas 

Page No.: 10-14

Design and Construction of a Low Reynolds Number Subsonic Wind Tunnel 

Al Shahriar, Sabir Hossain, Md. Kamrul Hasan and Kazi Afzalur Rahman 

Page No.: 15-21

Topological Analysis of Project Risks Network: A Case of Rabat Tramway Project 

Younes Bourass and Saoudi Taibi 

Page No.: 22-29

Capturing System Performance Complexity using Simulation Based System Level Modeling 

Murigendrayya M Hiremath and A R Aswatha 

Page No.: 30-36

Design and Fabrication of Solar Powered Hydrogen Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration System 

Syed Amjad Ahmad, Umair Muneer, Saifullah, Mohsin Jamshed, Hafiz Saad Abdullah 

Page No.: 37-41

Saving Energy Consumption in Glass Printing Lehr 

HGD Chandrakumara, NSMP Sadaruwan, PR Dadigamuwa andTSSJatunnarachchi 

Page No.: 42-45 

Future Impact of Thermoelectric Devices for Producing Electricity by Harnessing Waste Heat from IC Engine Exhaust 

Aqeel Ur Rehman, Arshad Ahmad, Amjad Ahmad, Arslan Hayat and Ahsan Badr Khan 

Page No.: 46-51 

Influence of Polyvinyl Acetate on the Corrosion Inhibition of Mild Steel in Sulphuric Acidic Environment 

SC Nwanonenyi, O Ogbobe, IC Madufor and EE Oguzie 

Page No.: 52-61

Identifying Root Causes of Assembly Line Stoppage UsingMetaheuristics Approaches 

Ashish Shrivastava and Gitesh Vijay 

Page No.: 62-67