The Need for Integration of Cloud with IoT


Internet of Things is generally considered by real world small things, widely distributed, with limited capacity in terms of storage e and processing, which involve concerns regarding reliability, performance, security, and privacy. On the other hand, Cloud computing has unlimited capabilities in terms of storage and processing power,  Thus, a novel IT paradigm in which Cloud and IoT are two complementary technologies merged together is expected to disrupt both current and Future Internet. We call this new paradigm CloudIoT. Therefore, the integration of cloud and Internet of Things to providing the best service to users and have the highest level of customer satisfaction should always provide quality of service can be guaranteed. With the trend going on in ubiquitous computing, everything is going to be connected to the Internet and its data will be used for various progressive purposes, creating not only information from it, but also, knowledge and even wisdom. Internet of Things (IoT) becoming so pervasive that it is becoming important to integrate it with cloud computing because of the amount of data IoT’s could generate and their requirement to have the privilege of virtual resources utilization and storage capacity, but also, to make it possible to create more usefulness from the data generated by IoT’s and develop smart applications for the users. This IoT and cloud computing integration is referred to as Cloud of Things

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Updated: June 12, 2018 — 10:13 am

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