Synthetic Strategy and Characterization of IPMCO Complexes of Cu+2, Ni+2 and Co+2


The complexes of Cu+2, Ni+2 and Co+2 with terpenoids derivatives (L) have been prepared. The reaction of Cu+2, Ni+2 and Co+2   with terpenoids derivatives were carried out in stoichiometry. For this purpose essential oils were obtained from plants. Essential oil which is called volatile oil, these were obtained from various plant materials just like flowers, seeds, buds, barks, twiks, herbs roots, fruits, and wood, are natural aromatic and complex oily liquid and composed maximum of terpenes, in comparison to some other nonterpene component. The complexes were studied on the basis of physico-chemical and spectral data and stability of these complexes was evaluated by techniques such as conductometry, potentiometery, spectral studies of complexes, elemental analysis, magnetic susceptibility measurements

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Updated: June 12, 2018 — 10:14 am

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