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Performance Improvement of Jute Industries using Theory of Constraints (TOC)

ABSTRACT Performance improvement of jute industries by applying TOC has been carried out in this research work. The main objective of this research is to improve the productivity and Return on investment (ROI) of jute industries in Bangladesh by proper synchronization of Drum-Buffer-Rope scheduling associated with thinking process and throughput accounting. The bottleneck is identified […]

Synthetic Strategy and Characterization of IPMCO Complexes of Cu+2, Ni+2 and Co+2

ABSTRACT The complexes of Cu+2, Ni+2 and Co+2 with terpenoids derivatives (L) have been prepared. The reaction of Cu+2, Ni+2 and Co+2   with terpenoids derivatives were carried out in stoichiometry. For this purpose essential oils were obtained from plants. Essential oil which is called volatile oil, these were obtained from various plant materials just like […]

The Need for Integration of Cloud with IoT

ABSTRACT Internet of Things is generally considered by real world small things, widely distributed, with limited capacity in terms of storage e and processing, which involve concerns regarding reliability, performance, security, and privacy. On the other hand, Cloud computing has unlimited capabilities in terms of storage and processing power,  Thus, a novel IT paradigm in […]

Implementation of Automatic Braking System in a Vehicle Using Interfacing of MATLAB Arduino and Ultrasonic Sensor

ABSTRACT Context: The increased utilisation of vehicles and carelessness has resulted in increased road accidents and hence deaths. Therefore there is a need to enhance the safety of driver, passengers and all the associated people. Objective: To design and develop real time red colour and distance detection with the help of MATLAB and ARDUINO platform […]

Wear Mechanism and Modelling for Automotive Brakes with Influence of Pressure, Temperature and Sliding Velocity: A Review Article

ABSTRACT Brakes are the automobile component plays an important role respect to safety and in performance of automobile. According to the crash report of automobiles about 22 % of crash occurred due to the failure in brakes. This Paper discusses the wear mechanisms and wear modelling techniques in brake surface for increasing the effectiveness and […]

Optimization of an MPPT-based Controller for PV System using PSO

ABSTRACT This paper presents a control method suitable for photovoltaic (PV) systems which ensure that power generated is maximized for various conditions. Due to partial shading conditions in PV, the power-voltage characteristics exhibit multiple local peaks; one such phenomenon is the global peak. These conditions make it very challenging for maximum power point tracking (MPPT) […]

An Accurate and Efficient Technique for Envelop Sorting and Stamping

ABSTRACT Stamping envelopes is quite a tedious task in the postal services. Human errors and inefficiencies are among the problems related to this service. Most of the countries around the world perform almost all the postal operations manually. This includes manual envelop sorting and stamping.Having automated process to increase the efficiency in envelop sorting and […]