Volume 6 Issue 8 2019

Pulsed Magnetic Fields May Affect the Ultrastructure of Live Bacteria Cells Containing Endogenous Magnetosome Chains

Simona Miclaus, Lucian Barbu-Tudoran, Cristina Moisescu, Laura Darabant, Paul Bechet, Simona Oancea and Mihaela Racuciu

Page No.: 1-10

The Design of a Simple 50 Tons Capacity Three Stage Telescopic Hydraulic Jack for Automobile and Vessel (Ship) Application

Peter Ufuoma Anaidhuno, Solomon Ochuko Ologe and Abraham Erebugha Yerimearede

Page No.: 11-16

Wear Characteristics of Diesel Engine Oils with Nano-Diamond Particles on an Al-7075 Alloy

S.W. Jeon and H.K. Kim

Page No.: 17-22

Second Harmonic Generation of 266nm Laser Beam by BBO Crystal Using Comsol Software

Raneen Salam Al-Obaidi and Suha Mousa Alawsi

Page No.: 23-30

Reinforce in Engineering Properties of Clayey Soils Using Cigarette Butts and Marble Dust

Faisal Mohamedgread, Necmi Yarbaşi, Ekrem Kalkan

Page No.: 31-37

Comparison of PLA and ABS on Robot Arm Model and 3D Technology

Hasan DEMİR and Atıl Emre COŞGUN

Page No.: 38-44