Volume 6 Issue 6 2019

Some Effects of Anthropogenic Activities on Some Engineering Properties of Two Selected Soils

Akinyele, Oluwaseun Akinsola, Ewemoje, Oluseyi Elizabeth, Bamgboye, Adeleke Isaac

Page No.: 1-9

Development of a Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Co Power Generation for Domestic Use

Oshundairo M. Idowu, Peter U. Anaidhuno and Solomon Ochuko Ologe

Page No.: 10-20

Effect of Varying Pressure on the Physical Properties of Different Sawdust Briquettes

Nneka Juliana Ogbuagu

Page No.: 21-29

Effect of Multicollinearity in Predicting Diabetes Mellitus Using Statistical Neural Network

S. Suleiman and S. Badamsi

Page No.: 30-38

The Benefit of Frugal Innovation in Product Management

Nik Tehrani and Tom Tafolla

Page No.: 39-41