Volume 6 Issue 11 2019

Large Scale High Fidelity Facial Recognition Security Architecture with Personalized GAN Trained Discriminator

Mamoun Abu-Samaha and Jeong Hee Kim

Page No.: 1-9

Nigerian Fiber Optic Network: Structure, Limitations, Solutions and Future Trend

Ifeoma B. Asianuba

Page No.: 10-14

Catalytic Degradation of Pentachlorophenol Contaminated Soil using Nano Zero-Valent Iron Catalyst

Ching-Lin Ho and Shu-Lung Kuo

Page No.: 15-21

Implementation of TOPSIS Method for Multi Criteria Decision Making of Supplier Selection

Tanzila Azad

Page No.: 22-27

The role of Multimedia Technologies
In the Development of Creative Abilities of Students

Khasanov B., Khalilova D., Maxmudov J. and Oripova N.

Page No.: 28-30

Protein Cereal Bars: Nutritional Enrichment and Physicochemical Analysis

Josileide Gonçalves Borges, Leonardo Felipe Gonçalves Barbosa2, Manoel José de Lima Neto, Cid José Barbosa Almeida Sobrinho, Juliana Anielle Ribeiro de Sá, João Victor Rodrigues Pinheiro

Page No.: 31-36