Volume 6 Issue 10 2019

Strategies of Adaptability: An Approach for Affordable Housing Design

Dr. Mohammed A. F. Itma

Page No.: 1-6

Grid Voltage Profile Enhancement using UPFC based on Harmony Search Algorithm

Muhamed Elshenawy, Ahmed Ayman, Mohey Bahgat and Saeed Elmasry

Page No.: 7-20

Optimizing Liquid Recovery from a Gas Condensate Reservoir Operating below Dew Point

Ariche, Princewill O., Onwukwe, S.I., Duru, Ugochukwu and Chikwe, Anthony

Page No.: 21-35

Estimating the Residual Life of Cutting Tool in Turning Process under Variable Cutting Conditions

Sourath Ghosh, Sukanta Kumar Naskar and Nirmal Kumar Mandal

Page No.: 36-44

Rheological Properties of Aqueous Solutions of Polymer Composition and their Influence on the Dressing Effect

H. Amonova, N. Khudaykulova, F. Nazarova and Sh. Davronova

Page No.: 45-48