Volume 5 Issue 8 2018

Fire Detecting and Water Sprinkling Using Robotics

D. Anjaneyulu, B. Ajanta Reddy and J. Srinivas

Page No.: 504-510

Heat Transfer of Pulsating Turbulent Flow in Pipes

Rajib Uddin Rony, Md Nahid Hasan and Md Ashiqur Rahman Laskar

Page No.: 511-516

Development of Industrial Air Dust Removing and Air Cooling Machine for Heavily Polluted Areas of the Industry

Md. Fazle Rabbi

Page No.: 517-520

Waste Heat Recovery from Printing Lehr of Glass Manufacturing Process

N.S.M.P. Sandaruwan, Eng. P.R. Dadigamuwa and Eng. T.S.S. Jatunarachchi

Page No.: 521-524

Evaluation of Municipal Solid Waste Management for Improved Public Health and Environment in Nigeria

Oluwadare Joshua OYEBODE

Page No.: 525-534

A Comparative Assessment of Water Corporations in Nigeria with Water Management in a Typical Developed Country

Oluwadare Joshua OYEBODE

Page No.: 535-542

Thermal analysis of diamond-like carbon coatings synthesized on aluminium 6061 T-91 substrates by laser sintering of nano-diamond powders

Rajeev Nair

Page No.: 543-558

Framework Conceptual Design of Complex Real-time Management System (CoDeCS)

Kosolapov Anatolii and Loboda Dmytro

Page No.: 559-566

Real Time Bus Location and Monitoring System Using WSN/IOT

Kamil Audah Kareem and Lukman Audah

Page No.: 567-571


Page No.: 572-575

Universal Accessibility: A Tool for Safe, Sustainable and Friendly Environment- A Case Study

Sabeen Shah, Bhai Khan Shar, Ali Raza Khoso, Muhammad Akram Akhund and Mehwish Soomro

Page No.: 576-580

Influence of Cone Index on Mean Relative Growth Rate, Leaf Area Index and Yield of Soybean in Sandy Clay Soil

Odey Simon O. and Manuwa Seth I.

Page No.: 581-588

Non local Infinitely Solid Cylinder Composed on Two Different Thermoelastic Materials

S. E. Khader, A. M. Abd El-Latief, Mona El. M. Khedr

Page No.: 589-603

The Effects of MIG1/2 and NRG1/2 on Trehalose Accumulation in Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Tülay Turgut Genç1, Mehmet Şerafeddin SOLAK2 and Gamze DOĞAN2

Page No.: 604-608

Modification and Physiochemical Characterization of Kaolin Clay for Adsorption of Pollutants from Industrial Paint Effluent

Nwuzor, I. C., Chukwuneke, J. L., Nwanonenyi, S. C., Obasi, H. C. and Ihekweme, G. O.

Page No.: 609-620

A Hybrid Approach to Detect Dengue Virus Present in Blood Cell Images

Benakappa SM and Anusha SA

Page No.: 621-627

A Hybrid Approach to Detect Dengue Virus Present in Blood Cell Images

Benakappa SM and Anusha SA

Page No.: 621-627

Comparison of Properties of Coarse Aggregate Obtained from Recycled Concrete with that of Conventional Coarse Aggregates

Abba Bashir, Chhavi gupta, M.A. Abubakar and S.I. Abba

Page No.: 628-637

Simulation Study of the Effect of Temperature and of Light Intensity on Biohydrogen Production by Rhodobacter Capsulatus

Lemnouer Chibane

Page No.: 638-648

New Analytical Method for Klein-Gordon Equations Arising in Quantum Field Theory

Vinod Gill and Ravi Shanker Dubey

Page No.: 649-655

Strategy for Tackling Flood and Water Scarcity for Adequate Water Supply and Public Health in Nigeria

Oluwadare Joshua OYEBODE

Page No.: 656-664

Insight into Urban Renewal as a Strategic Remedy for the Built Environment in Nigeria

Oluwadare Joshua OYEBODE

Page No.: 665-676

Characterization of Sodium meta-Periodate Modified Betel Nut Husk Fibers Reinforced HDPE Composites

Tanvir Sultana, Shahin Sultana, Husna Parvin Nur and Md. Wahab Khan

Page No.: 677-682