Volume 5 Issue 5 2018

Assessment of Inorganic Lubricants on Mechanical Properties of ECAE Aluminum 6063

Temitayo M Azeez, Lateef O Mudashiru, John T Oladeji and Adeola J Adebiyi

Page No.: 296-302

Performance Improvement of Jute Industries using Theory of Constraints (TOC)

Md. Al Amin, Amit Kumar Saha and Tanzira Ulfat Mohona

Page No.: 303-311

Synthetic Strategy and Characterization of IPMCO Complexes of Cu+2, Ni+2 and Co+2

Anil K. Bansal, Ritu K.Gupta, Renu Upadhyay and Shikha Sahay

Page No.: 312-316

The Need for Integration of Cloud with IoT

R Ravinder Naik, B Ujwala and P Raja Sekhar Reddy

Page No.: 317-321

Implementation of Automatic Braking System in a Vehicle Using Interfacing of MATLAB Arduino and Ultrasonic Sensor

Rugved Hattekar, Sammed Ghongadi, Aaron Lopes and Prof. Priyanka Deshmukh

Page No.: 322-327

Design of A Ring resonator based Directional Coupler using 2-D Chalcogenide Photonic Crystal

Rajpal Singh and Anami Bhargava

Page No.: 328-332

Wear Mechanism and Modelling for Automotive Brakes with Influence of Pressure, Temperature and Sliding Velocity: A Review Article

Vaibhav A. Kalhapure and Dr. H. P. Khairnar

Page No.: 333-343

Survey on Approximate Multipliers for Image Processing

O Vignesh, H Mangalam and K AnjuBala

Page No.: 344-349

A Review on Classification of Various Ferrite Particles on the Basis of Crystal Structure

Ashtosh Kumar Singh, M. G. H. Zaidi, P.L.Sah and Rakesh Saxena

Page No.: 350-354