Volume 5 Issue 4 2018

Optimization of an MPPT-based Controller for PV System using PSO

M Abdulkadir and AHM Yatim

Page No.: 218-229

An Accurate and Efficient Technique for Envelop Sorting and Stamping 

MWS Sanjeewani and L Seneviratne

Page No.: 230-235

Comparison of Some Mechanical Properties of Injection and Extrusion Moulded Pineapple Leaf Powder Filled High Density Polyethylene

I O Eze and I O Igwe

Page No.: 236-243

Optimization of Cutting Parameters On CNC Turning of AISI H13 Steel Using CNMG Tool

Devvrat Singh and Kashish Goyal

Page No.: 244-249

Gain Enhancement in a Microstrip Rectangular Patch Antenna Using Alphabetical Slots

Deepanshu Kaushal and T Shanmuganantham

Page No.: 250-254

Review on Printed Antenna

Vijay Sharma

Page No.: 255-262

Future Challenges of Cloud Computing

Tanuj Tiwari, Tanya Tiwari, Sanjay Tiwari and Shikha Tiwari

Page No.: 263-273

Null Vector Period Current Based Sensorless Rotor Flux Estimation of Vector Control Induction Motor Drive

Soumyajit Datta, Arabindo Chandraand Sumana Chowdhuri

Page No.: 274-281

Prediction of Stock Closing Price by Hybrid Deep Neural Network

Vaibhav Kumar and ML Garg

Page No.: 282-287

Performance Evaluation of Routing Protocols in Cognitive Radio Network

Shruti Singhroy and PL Zade

Page No.: 288-295