Volume 5 Issue 3 2018

Inclined Magnetic Field and Viscous Dissipation Effects on Tangent Hyperbolic Nanofluid Flow with Zero Normal Flux of Nanoparticles at the Stretching Surface

N Saidulu, T Gangaiahand A Venkata Lakshmi

Page No.: 142-150

Design and Development of User-Friendly Automated Lightening System Using Solar Energy

Md. Shakil Hasan, Riad Al Hasan Abir and Md. Abdur Rahman

Page No.: 151-155

Static Nonlinear Analysis Case Study

Sabah Moussaoui and Mourad Belgasmia

Page No.: 156-161

Forecasting Stock Prices Using a Hybrid Approach

RMCDK Rajasinghe, WDNM Weerapperuma, WUNN Wijesinghe,KKKP Rathnayake and L Seneviratne

Page No.: 162-169

Effect of Die Angle and Reduction Ratio on the Pressure and   Hardness of Extruded Al-Mg-Zn Alloy

Oryina Mbaadega Injor, Alex OkibeEdeoja and David TerfaGundu

Page No.: 170-175

Environmental Impacts of Slope Failure: Protection Measures Against Landslides

Alamanis Nikolaos and Chouliaras Ioannis

Page No.: 176-191

Effect of Snubber Circuit for Efficiency Improvement in SEPIC Converter

Kamal Singh and Kuldeep Sahay

Page No.: 192-197

Extreme Programming (XP) Simplified

Sundar Kunwar

Page No.: 198-206

Design of EBG Structured Parasitic Patch Antenna for Wireless Communication Applications

Shubhi Jain, R K Khanna, Praveen K Jain, Ankit Agarwal, Pallav Rawal

Page No.: 207-213

Similar Properties of Selenium and Tellurium as Semiconductor

Swati Arora, YK Vijay and YC Sharma

Page No.: 214-217