Volume 5 Issue 12 2018

Assessment of Treated Calcium Chloride Adsorbent for Solar Refrigeration

S. A. Anjorin, T. John Sheer

Page No.: 927-932

Determination of Adsorption Heats of Some Adsorbents on Ammonia

S. A. Anjorin

Page No.: 933-938

Techno-Economic Analysis of a Hybrid Pv/Wind/ Diesel System

R.O. Okeke, M. Ehikhamenle

Page No.: 939-951

Soil Moisture Sensed Automatic Irrigation System

M.N. Ochuba, M. Ehikhamenle

Page No.: 952-960

Effects of Semi-Nano Filler Blends (Jatropha seed shell powder and Carbon black) on the Mechanical Properties of Natural Rubber Composites

Okele, A.I., Gimba, C. E., Mamza, P.A.P. and Abba H.

Page No.: 961-966

Analysis of Peak to Average Power Ratio Reduction in Optical Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing

M. Ehikhamenle, R.O. Okeke

Page No.: 967-977

Voltage and Power Control of Turbo-Generator System using Model Predictive Control and Fractional Order PID Controller

Mahmoud Elshenawy, Helmy Elzoghby, Mohey Bahgat and A.M.Abdelghany

Page No.: 978-995

CMOS Implementation of Current Mode Analog Multiplier

Ankita Tijare and Pravin Dakhole

Page No.: 996-1000

Cubic Transmuted Gompertz-Makeham Distribution

Mohamed I. Riffi and Mohammed S. Hamdan

Page No.: 1001-1010

Innovation in Modelling of Flood-Friendly Housing Design with Approaching of Sundanese Traditional Architecture
(Case study: Baleendah Sub-district, Bandung District, West Java-Indonesia)

Nuryanto*, Dadang Ahdiat and R. Irawan Surasetja

Page No.: 1011-1016

Implementing SIX SIGMA – DMAIC in Manufacturing Industry – A Case Study

Borget Alfred Anoye

Page No.: 1017-1033