Volume 4 Issue 6 2017

Automatic Keyword Extraction for Text Summarizationin Multi-document e-Newspapers Articles 

Santosh Kumar Bharti, Korra Sathya Babu, and Anima Pradhan 

Page No.: 410-427

Planar UWB Antenna with Enriched Gain and Band-Notch Characteristics 

Ayan Karmakar, AK Chauhan, Gunaram and Vijay Sharma 

Page No.: 428-434

Hydromagnetic Nanofluid Flow over a Rotating Porous Disk withPrescribed Heat Flux 

SP Anjali Devi and T Elakkiya Priya 

Page No.: 435-443

Evaluation of Water-Based Eggshells Powder asa QuenchingMedium for Hardening Medium Steel 

EK Orhorhoro, OW Orhorhoro and V Atumah 

Page No.: 444-450

Design of Concentrating Parabolic Reflector System to Generate Energy 

Elora Baruah and Pankaj Konwar 

Page No.: 451-456

Influence of Marula Oil Methyl Ester–Diesel Fuel Mixtures on the Performance of a Variable Load Compression Ignition Engine 

IR Ejilah, K Dahuwa and BA Gambo 

Page No.: 457-465

Implementation of Infra-Red Search and Track System 

Awadalla Taifour Ali and Mohammed Adil Harbi 

Page No.: 466-470

An Intuitive Approach to Eliminate Congestions in Cellular Manufacturing Systems 

Mevlut Kizil 

Page No.: 471-477

Design of Automotive Engine Hoisting Devicefor Mechanical Applications 

Owunna Ikechukwu and Ikpe Aniekan E 

Page No.: 478-487

A Comparative Analysis of Some Discretization Techniques Using Mutual Information and Transfer Entropy 

Barenya Bikash Hazarika and Syed Sazzad Ahmed 

Page No.: 488-491

Design, Construction and Testing of a Motorized Tuber Chipping Machine 

Ipilakyaa T Daniel, YanshioETernguand Gundu D Terfa 

Page No.: 492-496