Volume 4 Issue 4 2017

MATLAB Simulation of the Effect of Billet Height on Extrusion Load in Axis-Symmetric Backward Cold Cup Extrusion 

ME Bashir and JS Ajiboye 

Page No.: 227-231

Feasibility of Using Evacuated Tube Solar Water Heaters in Saudi Arabia 

Radwan A Almasri and AF Almarshoud 

Page No.: 232-241

Performance Analysis of AOMDV and AODV Routing Protocol for Emergency Services in VANET 

Vipin Bondre and Sanjay Dorle 

Page No.: 242-248

Removal of Copper Ion from Synthetic Wastewater using Aloe Vera as an Adsorbent 

Kriti Singh, SK Sharma, AK Jain, MM Mandal and Pankaj K Pandey 

Page No.: 249-254

Deadbeat Control of Dynamics of Inverted Pendulum using Signal Correction Technique 

Soumen Paul, Asim Halder and Asoke Kumar Nath 

Page No.: 255-267

A Study on the Effect of Rake Angle and Feed Rate on Cutting Forces during Orthogonal Cutting 

Ipilakyaa T Daniel, Gundu D Terfa and Nwankwo N Kingsley 

Page No.: 268-272 

Strength and Durability of Concrete Containing Quarry Dust as Partial Replacement of Cement 

Ma’aruf A, S I Abba and Nuruddeen MM 

Page No.: 273-281

Enrichment of Mechanical Properties of BiodegradableComposites Containing Waste Cellulose Fiber and Thermoplastic Starch 

Pathik Shah, Rataram Prajapati and Puja Singh 

Page No.: 282-286

Effects of Heat Absorption and Porosity of the Medium on MHD Flow past a Vertical Plate 

US Rajput and Gaurav Kumar 

Page No.: 287-294

Comparative Analysis of Gas Hydrate Chemical Inhibitors 

Cyrus Aseibichin, Adeloye Olalekan Michaeland Abu Robin Nyemenim 

Page No.: 295-301

Design and Implementation of Low Cost Sensor-less PM Synchronous Motor Drive for Pump and Compressor Applications 

Arabindo Chandra,Soumyajit Datta and Sumana Chowdhuri

Page No.: 302-310