Volume 4 Issue 3 2017

Development and Characterization of Gypsum-Based Binder 

Faris Matalkah, Harsha Bharadwaj, Anagi Balachandra and Parviz Soroushian 

Page No.: 153-157

A Comparison between FSW, MIG and TIG based on Total Cost Estimationfor Aluminum Pipes 

Ahmed M El-Kassas andIbraheem Sabry 

Page No.: 158-163

Studies on the Effect of Rice Husk Semi-Nano Filler on the Mechanical Properties of Epoxidized Natural Rubber Composite 

Ojinmah N, Uchechukwu TO, Ezeh VO and Ogbobe O 

Page No.: 164-171

Feasibility Study of Renewable Energy Technology Integration in Housing Sector: A Real Application in Saudi Arabia 

M Alwetaishi, A Elamary and U Issa 

Page No.: 172-182

Determination of Chemical Composition and Study on Physical Properties of Sansevieria Roxburghiana Lignocellulosic Fibre 

Mangesh Teli and Akshay Jadhav 

Page No.: 183-188

Production of Saba Banana Using Misting System and Different Growth Enhancers Under Glasshouse Condition 

Jimson S Ramirez, Glenn A Batoon and Annadaie S Sacayanan 

Page No.: 189-193

Color Image Segmentation using FCM Clustering Technique in RGB, L*a*b, HSV, YIQ Color Spaces 

Khushbu Raval, Ravi Shukla and Ankit K Shah 

Page No.: 194-200

Study on Enhancement on Software Quality by Scheduling Techniques of Real Time Systems 

Sehrish Aqeel 

Page No.: 201-208

Design and Analysis of an IC Engine Piston using Composite Material 

Balahari Krishnan S, Aezhisai Vallavi MS, Arunkumar M and Haripraveen A 

Page No.: 209-215

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulation in Air Duct Channels Using STAR CCM+ 

AE Ikpe, EK Orhorhoro and OG Ogiemudia 

Page No.: 216-220

A Novel Approach to Hybrid Abrasive-Cavitation Methods for Machining 

Vivek Vij and Kashish Goyal

Page No.: 221-226