Volume 4 Issue 2 2017

Qualitative Risk Analysis for Driven Piles Activities 

Usama Hamed Issa, Aly Ahmed, IM Salama and IA Elshinnawy 

Page No.: 76-80

Atomizing Flow Simulations Using a Eulerian Multiphase Model 

Ahmed Abounassif and Jie Cui 

Page No.: 81-89

Design of a Portable Carrier System for Transporting Basic Household Utilities in Hatchback Family Cars 

Ikpe Aniekan E, Owunna Ikechukwu and Satope Paul 

Page No.: 90-97

Determination of Bearing Capacity of Square Footing by a Computer Program Using Meyerhof’s Analysis 

Kartikaye Joshi, Vaibhav Mehta, Jaikishan L Najkani, Suresh Singh, Praveen Kumar Gahlot, Akash Gupta, Pratibha Choudhary and NK Ameta 

Page No.: 98-109

Experimental Study of Exhaust System of Cooling Tower using VAWT 

Syed Amjad Ahmad, Muzammal Mobeen, Zanjbeel and Mubasher Ikram 

Page No.: 110-114

Effects of Industrial Solid Waste Toxicity on Soil & Soil Amendments 

Srinivas J, Purushotham AV and Murali Krishna KVSG 

Page No.: 115-119

Optimum Common Frequency Routing (CFR) of JIT Systems with Time-Varying Demand and Flexible Production Capacities 

Chukwuedozie N Ezema, Inyiama C Hyacinth and Chinwuko E Chuka

Page No.: 120-128

Selection of the Best Belt Conveyor using AHP 

Abhinendra Singh Dhakar, Vaibhav Shivhare and Dinesh Kumar Kasdekar 

Page No.: 129-134

Trajectory Tracking and Hurdle Avoidance for an Autonomous Quadrotor UAV 

Khayyam Masood and Muhammad Aadil Khan 

Page No.: 135-142

A New Approach of Aluminum Oxide Addition for Friction Stir Welding  

Ibraheem Sabry and Ahmed M El-Kassas 

Page No.: 143-152