Volume 3 Issue 8 2016

Small Scale Hydropower Generator Electrical System Modelling Based on Real-Measurements 

Clifford Saggus, Roman Coley, Zack Floyd and Adel El-Shahat 

Page No.: 1-12

The Impact of DBD Plasma Actuator on Turbulent Characteristics in the Channel Flow: A Comparison between Two RANS Models by Finite Difference Approach 

A Jafarimoghaddam and S Aberoumand 

Page No.: 13-20

Comparative Study of Effect of Stitch Length and Yarn Count on Fabric Width and Stiffness of Different Weft Knitted Single Jersey Structures 

Emdadul Haque and Md Shamim Alam 

Page No.: 21-28

Effect of Microclimates Conditions on Architectural Design of Residential Buildings in Saudi Arabia 

M Alwetaishi and A Balabel 

Page No.: 29-32

Improving Hough Transform for Face Recognition 

Zahraddeen Sufyanu, Abdulganiyu Abdu Yusuf and Abubakar Muhammad Miyim 

Page No.: 33-40

Effect of Process Parameters on Weld-Strength in Friction Stir Welding of Dissimilar Aluminium Alloys 

Saksham Dhanjal, Gaurav Kumar, Prince Mehta, Vinay Rampal and Varun 

Page No.: 41-46

ANFIS-Based Algorithms for Detection and Classification of Fault on Transmission Lines 

Abubakar Isa, HK Verma, Haris A Danladi and Bello Suleiman 

Page No.: 47-53

Processing and Properties of Aluminium Matrix Composites:   A Short Review 

Kashish Goyal and Karthikeyan Marwaha 

Page No.: 54-59

SPI Slave Controller for AMBA Based SOC 

Mukthi SL and AR Aswatha 

Page No.: 60-66

Influence of Duration of Heat Treatment and Screen Pore Sizes on Palm Oil Yield and Quality 

S Mulindi, EBK Mutai, Musa Njue and PK Rotich 

Page No.: 67-74

Comparative Performance of Non-Linear Transforms for Magnetic Resonance Angiography Image Compression 

Vibha Aggarwal and Manjeet Singh Patterh 

Page No.: 75-81

An Effective Mechanism for Integrity of Data Sanitization Process in the Cloud 

B Ujwala and P Raja Sekhar Reddy 

Page No.: 82-84

Optimization of Absorption Chiller by Assisting it with Solar Thermal Energy 

Syed Amjad Ahmad, Umair Munir, M Aslam Bhutta and M Ahsan Badr Khan 

Page No.: 85-92

On The Characteristics of NACA 0006: A Hybrid Non- Mesh Solution 

A Jafarimoghaddam and S Aberoumand 

Page No.: 93-100

Methods of Nanonization of Drugs for Enhancing their Dissolution 

Sruthi Sunder and Reshmi Nair  

Page No.: 101-110

Static Response of an Isotropic and Orthotropic Thin Plate under Different Excitation 

Sabah Moussaoui and Mourad Belgasmia 

Page No.: 111-118

Spare Parts Management in Heavy Equipment Division (HED), Department of Roads, Kathmandu, Nepal 

Prakash Timilsina and Ramesh Khanal

Page No.: 119-124