Volume 3 Issue 6 2016

A Short Review for Selecting the Best Tools and Techniques to Perform Software Risk Management 

Md. Forhad Rabbi and Khan Olid Bin Mannan 

Page No.: 1-7

Investigations of Parameters of Silicon Solar Array with Different Size 

Mitesh D Parmar, RJ Parmar, VR Solanki, RJ Pathak and VM Pathak 

Page No.: 8-13

A Study on Different Human Health Risk Assessment Tools for Contaminated Soil 

Abhishek Dixit, Rahul Mishra and Manish Nigam 

Page No.: 14-19

Active Vibration Control of Un-crack and Crack Cantilever Beam Using Piezoelectric Actuator 

JR Chaudhari and CR Patil 

Page No.: 20-25

Design, Development and Testing of RF Window for C band 250 kW CW Power Klystron 

OS Lamba, VK Saxena, LM Joshi, Meenu Kaushik, Debasish Pal, Deepender Kant and A Bandhopadhyay 

Page No.: 26-30

Study of RCC Pavement as a Sustainable Option for Village Road in Expansive Soil 

Awadhesh Kumar Singh, Rajendra Kumar Srivastava and Manish Nigam

Page No.: 31-36