Volume 3 Issue 3 2016

Efficiency Improvement of a Typical Solar Panel with the Use of Reflectors 

GDM Pathmika and MV Gamage 

Page No.: 1-13

Correlation of Breakdown Strength Parameters of Solid Insulation using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) 

A Masood and MU Zuberi 

Page No.: 14-19

Asymptotic Estimates for Real Zeros of Random Polynomials 

PK Mishra and Dipty Rani Dhal 

Page No.: 20-25

Analysis on Camera Attacks and their Defenses on Android Smartphones 

Supriya Deshpande and SC Dharmadhikari 

Page No.: 26-29

An Empirical Analysis of the Effective Factors of the Production Efficiency in the Garments Sector of Bangladesh 

Md Habibur Rahman and Md Al Amin 

Page No.: 30-36

Design and Development of Pill-Box Type Reduced Waveguide RF Window for 5 GHz, 250 KW Klystron 

OS Lamba, VK Saxena, LM Joshi, D Pal, D Kant and A Bandhopadhyay 

Page No.: 37-39

Evaluation of Free Radical Scavenging Behaviour and Antioxidant Activity in Various Citrus Fruits 

Vishal Bhatt, Gokulendra Singh Bhati and Saksham Gupta 

Page No.: 40-44

Quantitative Assessment of Water of Rudrasagar Lake, Tripura, India 

Joyanta Pal, Manish Pal, Pankaj Kumar Roy and Asis Mazumdar 

Page No.: 45-48

Economical Study on Safety of Earthen Embankments by Use of Marble Slurry 

RP Arora, NK Ameta, BS Singhvi and Trilok Gupta 

Page No.: 49-54

Reduction in Harmonic Contents for Single-Phase Five-Level PWM Inverter 

Amit Kumar Sharma, Gaurav Rajoria, Ravinder Singh Chauhan and Sawan Sharma 

Page No.: 55-59

Phytoremediation of 2,4,6Trinitrotoluene (TNT) by Tagetes patula

Lakshmi Hooda, S Mary Celin and SK Singh 

Page No.: 60-63