Volume 3 Issue 10 2016

Efficiency Enhancement of Centrifugal Water Pump by Using Inlet Guided Vanes 

Syed Amjad Ahmed, Abdul Muiz, Mohammad Mubashir and Wasif Ahmed 

Page No.: 1-4

Energy Efficiency Improvement Scopes Analysis in the Jute Processing Industry of Bangladesh 

Md.Saleh Ebn Sharif, Mohammad Shakil Khanand Ahmad Fahad Tayab 

Page No.: 5-10

Effects of Acetylation and Alkylation on the Properties of Wheat Straw Fiber 

Md. Hafezur Rahaman, Moshiur Rahman, Md. Abdul Gafur, Mst. Ayesha Akhtar Zaman and Md. Shamsul Alam 

Page No.: 11-17

Crack detection in Shaft by Finite Element Analysis and Experimental Modal Analysis 

Deepak P Hujare, Nitesh R Girase and Madhuri G Karnik 

Page No.: 18-24

Application of Forecasting Techniques in Nissan Urvan Income Generation of Anambra State Transport Sector 

Harold C Godwin, Anthony O Umeozokwere and Daniel T Ezemuo 

Page No.: 25-31

Hash Data Structure for IPv6 Filters 

Rohit G Bal 

Page No.: 32-35

MPEG-7 Edge Histogram Descriptor (EHD) for Advancement in CBIR System 

Pradnya Vikhar and PP Karde 

Page No.: 36-39

Comparative Study on the Effect of Sewing Thread Count for Different Types of Seam Strength 

Md. Zulfikar Hasan 

Page No.: 40-46

On the Progress of DBD Plasma Actuator in Boundary Layer Control 

A Jafarimoghaddam and S Aberoumand

Page No.: 47-54

An Experimental Study on Accelerating the Vermicomposting Process by Stocking Vegitable Market Waste 

Senthilkumar Palaniappan and Murugappan Alagappan 

Page No.: 55-60