Volume 2 Issue 7 2015

A New Approach of Modeling of Failure-Prone FMSs using Closed-Loop Production Lines 

Sanjeev Mishra and TP Bagchi 

Page No.: 1-9

Organic Carbon Depletion Impact on Future Global Climate 

Vijayakumar and Chithirai Pon Selvan M 

Page No.: 10-17

Design of Circularly Polarized Broadband Microstrip Patch Array Antenna using HFSS for WLAN Application 

Vibha Gajway 

Page No.: 18-22

Modelling of Floodplain Using Recent Technology 

Prafulla Kumar Panda

Page No.: 23-28

Thermo Mechanical Modelling of Friction Welding using Finite Element Method (FEM) 

N Rajesh Jesudoss Hynes and P Shenbaga Velu 

Page No.: 29-32

Stack Overflow and Program Control 

Biswajit Sarma and Srishti Dasgupta 

Page No.: 33-37

Bandwidth and Gain Enhancement of Multiband Fractal Antenna using Suspended Technique 

Nayna S Dandgavhal, MB Kadu and RP Labade 

Page No.: 38-42

Robust IRIS Recognition System based on 2D Wavelet Coefficients 

Ishandeep Singh and Rinkesh Mittal 

Page No.: 43-47

Voltage Sag Compensation Capability of IDVR 

Gauri S Sarode and Paresh J Shah 

Page No.: 48-55 

An Approach for Optimizing CPU and Memory Performance by Selection and Deactivation of Optional Components 

Jasneet Chawla and Ashima Singh 

Page No.: 56-61

Cross Slot Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna for WLAN Application 

Faiz Ali, Sandeep Kumar, Sanjay Singh and Vivekanand Sharma 

Page No.: 62-65

Reduction of the Machining Time of a Crankshaft Machining using Method Study 

Sunil Pal and RP Rajoria 

Page No.: 66-69

A Fuzzy Logic Based Approach for Selecting the Software Development Methodologies Based on Factors Affecting the Development Strategies 

Rituraj Jain 

Page No.: 70-75

Dynamic Evolution Controller for Single Phase Inverter by Single Switch Control 

Sanwar Mal Yadav and Vikas Gupta 

Page No.: 76-81

Low Power and Low Frequency CMOS Ring Oscillator Design 

Venigalla Ravi Kanth and K Naresh Kumar 

Page No.: 82-87