Volume 2 Issue 5 2015

Blood Glucose Regulation in Diabetics Using H∞ Control Techniques 

Abdelaziz Mourad, Ghedjati Keltoum and Hachana Aicha 

Page No.: 1-6

Slot Line Fed Uniplanar Antenna for 2.4/5.8 GHz WLAN Applications 

S Sreenath, P Ashkarali, Nair M Sreejith, Thomas Paulbert and Chandroth Aanandan 

Page No.: 7-11 

Design and Analysis of ANFIS Controller to Control Modulation Index of VSI Connected to PV Array 

Pradeep Hunoor and SR Savanur 

Page No.: 12-17

Dynamic Terrain and Character Generator Tool for Game Engines 

Martin Bastian 

Page No.: 18-22

Effect of Heat aging on Mechanical Performance of MMT Clay Reinforced Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)/EPDM Rubber Blends based Nano Composite 

Praveen Kumar Sharma, Pradeep Upadhyaya and Navin Chand 

Page No.: 23-26

Comparison of Techniques for Plagiarism Detection in Document Images: A Review 

Neha Bansal, Manish Mahajan and Shashi Bhushan 

Page No.: 27-31

Characteristic Polynomial for Detecting Isomorphism among 12-Link, 1-Freedom Simple Jointed Kinematic Chains (SJKCs) 

Vijayananda Kaup 

Page No.: 32-37

Parallel Architecture for De-blocking Filter in High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) 

Nguyen Thanh Loi, Nguyen Nam Hai, Ngo Vu Duc, Nguyen Hoang Dung and Thai Nam Son 

Page No.: 38-43

Optimal Machining Condition for Turning of Hard Porcelain using Response Surface Methodology 

Saurabh Agrawal, MK Gaur, DK Kasdekar, S Agrawal and CS Malvi

Page No.: 44-51

Whole Cell Arsenic Biosensor- A Cheap Technology for Bioavailable Arsenic (As) Determination 

Rahul Soangra, CB Majumder and Partha Roy 

Page No.: 52-61

Performance Evaluation of DVB System for Text Transfer 

Soumyasree Bera and Samarendra Nath Sur 

Page No.: 62-65

Latest Trends in Electro Discharge Machining 

PR Dewan 

Page No.: 66-71

Humidity and Temperature Measurement WSN node for Grapes Environmental Condition Monitoring 

PM Korake and MK Bhanarkar 

Page No.: 72-76

Effect of Carbon Black Types on Curing Behavior of Natural Rubber 

Hayder A Yasir, Mohammed H Al Maamori and Hussam Mohammad Ali 

Page No.: 77-80

Challenges and Improvement of Electrostriction based Elastomers 

Anjani Kumar Singh 

Page No.: 81-84

Preparation and Characterization of Banana Reinforced Phenol Formaldehyde Composite 

Ajith Joseph, Berlin Baby, Akhil Babu Thomas and Sreyas Krishnan S 

Page No.: 85-90

Signal Classification Using Adaptive Boosting Technique in Underwater Scenario 

P Monica, PPS Sai Kirti, S Ganesh and Ch Kusuma Kumari 

Page No.: 91-96

Time-Based Optimization of Injection Moulding Process Using Response Surface Methodology

Amit Kumar, Manoj kumar Gaur, Dinesh Kumar Kasdekar and Sharad Agrawal 

Page No.: 97-102

Object Based Image Analysis of High Resolution Satellite Image using Radial Basis Function Neural Network and Curvelet Transform 

Yogesh V Kene and Suman Wadkar 

Page No.: 103-107

Effect of Frame variation on Nakagami and Rayleigh Channel through M-FSK Modulation Technique 

Hemant Dhabhai, Ravindra Prakash Gupta and Anand Jain 

Page No.: 108-111

A Survey on Face Recognition Techniques in Video 

Sonam Kesharwani and Sanjivani Shantaiya 

Page No.: 112-116

Parameter Estimation in Surface Radiation Heat Transfer using Least Square Residual Method and Bayesian Approach in Vertical Plate 

Anu Nair P and K Karuppasamy 

Page No.: 117-122

Estimation of Heat Dissipation from Plate with Multiple Tapered and Rectangular Fins 

Sampath SS, Sawan Shetty and Chithirai Pon Selvan M 

Page No.: 123-128

Simulation of High Efficiency Grid Connected THIPWM-Three Phase PV Inverter 

Anita and Prerna Gaur 

Page No.: 129-134

Luitspell: Development of an Assamese Language Spell Checker for Open Office Writer 

Kishore Kashyap, Hirakjyoti Sarma and Shikhar Kumar Sarma 

Page No.: 135-138