Volume 2 Issue 4 2015

HHO Generator – An Approach to Increase Fuel Efficiency in Spark Ignition Engines 

TS De Silva, L Senevirathne and TD Warnasooriya 

Page No.: 1-7

Preparation of Porous Polyacrylonitrile/Poly (vinylidene fluoride) Nanofibers via Selective Dissolution of Electrospun PAN/PVdF/PMMA Nanofibers 

Fatemeh Hakkak and Mohammad Mahdi Salehi 

Page No.: 8-10

Investigation of Material Removal Method in EDM for Non-Conductive Materials 

Nikita Agarwal, Siddharth Shukla, Varshit Agarwal, Swati Agarwal and Utkarsh Maurya 

Page No.: 11-13

Framework for Safe Site Layout Planning in Hilly Regions 

Satish Kumar and VK Bansal 

Page No.: 14-19

Mechanical Properties of Recycled Bamboo Fibers Reinforced Composite 

Ali I Al-Mosawi , Shaymaa Abbas Abdulsada and Abbass Hashim 

Page No.: 20-22

Combination of DNA Sequence in Scan Patterns and Dyadic Permutation in Securing the Image Contents 

Nandish M and Kailash Rudra 

Page No.: 23-30

Performance Improvement of Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Defected Ground Plane 

Pallav Rawal and Shubhi Jain 

Page No.: 31-33

Structural, Microstructural, Dielectric and Transport Properties of Barium Bismuth Niobate 

Syed Reyaz Hasan, Umakant Prasad, Nawnit Kumar, Rajiv Ranjan and RNP Choudhary 

Page No.: 34-37

Implicit Location Registration for 3G Networks under Multipath Environment 

Satarupa Panda and Abinash Gaya 

Page No.: 38-41

Control of Induction Motor Fed from Solar Photovoltaic Array 

Sudhir Sharma and Vikas Sharma 

Page No.: 42-45

Static Signature Verification and Recognition using Neural Network Approach-A Survey 

Komal Pawar and Tanuja Dhope 

Page No.: 46-50

Response Surface Methodological Approach for Optimizing Process Variables for Biodegradation of 2, 4, 6-Trinitrotoluene using Acinetobacter Noscomialis 

Pritam Sangwan, S Mary Celin and Lakshmi Hooda 

Page No.: 51-56

Automatic Extraction of Blood Vessel and Eye Retinopathy Detection 

Manvir Kaur and Rajneesh Talwar 

Page No.: 57-61

Design of a Fuzzy Logic Controller Based STATCOM for IEEE9 Bus System 

Aviral Awasthi, SK Gupta and MK Panda 

Page No.: 62-67

Environment Impact Assessment on Capital Area Amaravathi (Thulluru) Andhra Pradesh 

M Geetha Bhargava 

Page No.: 68-71

An Experimental Behavioral Study of Ductile Cast Iron Microstructure and its Mechanical Properties 

Raghavendra N, Pramod R Sharma, H Yogish and Varuna Srivastava 

Page No.: 72-76

Compact Chip Inductor Loaded multiband Antenna 

VR Sajitha, CM Nijas, TK Roshna and P Mohanan 

Page No.: 77-80

Image Segmentation Using Edge Detection and Poincare Mapping Method 

Sukhpreet Singh and Rinkesh Mittal 

Page No.: 81-83

Exploitation of Genetic Capacities of Bacteria for Improved Plasmid Stability in Remediation of Arsenic Pollution 

Rahul Soangra, CB Majumder and Partha Roy 

Page No.: 84-89

Wireless Vehicle Monitoring and Safety System 

Girish Nille, Deepanjali Yadav, Varsha Jadhav and Priyanka Nagargoje

Page No.: 90-94