Volume 2 Issue 12 2015

Effect of Fragment Size, Uniformity Coefficient and Moisture Content on Compaction and Shear Strength Behavior of Coal Mine Overburden Dump Material 

Pankaj Kumar Dewangan, Manoj Pradhan and GD Ramtekkar 

Page No.: 1-10

Unlocking the Potential Value of BIM Implementation in Malaysia:  A Pilot Study 

Afifuddin Husairi Hussain, Mohd Khairi Abu Husain, Adi Irfan Che Ani, Noor Irza binti Mohd Zaki1 and Zarina Mohd Ali 

Page No.: 11-20

Copper Separation from Burned Out Charcoal-Copper Mixture (Wastage Recycling) 

YMWGSD Vijebandara, PR Dadigamuwa and HD Goonatilleke 

Page No.: 21-24

Implementation of Panoramic Image Mosaicing using Complex Wavelet Packets 

T Anil Raju, N Adinarayana and B Ajanta Reddy 

Page No.: 25-31

Gamma-Alumina as Reinforcement in Study on Mechanical Performance of TPU/EPDM Based Nanocomposites 

Praveen Kumar Sharma, Pradeep Upadhyaya and Navin Chand 

Page No.: 32-35

Image Re-ranking Using Hashed Semantic Signature 

Sujata Suresh More and SC Dharmadhikari 

Page No.: 36-40

Copper Removal Efficiency of EDTA from Laboratory Contaminated Soil 

Sneha Gupta and RP Tiwari 

Page No.: 41-46

Study on Durability Characteristics of Conventional Concrete with PEG-600 as Self Curing Compound 

M Venkateswarlu, V Balaji, M Susmitha and D Suresh 

Page No.: 47-52

Trajectory Design using State Feedback for Satellite on a Halo Orbit 

Samiran Maiti, Nirmalya Chandra and Achintya Das 

Page No.: 53-58

Spin Crisis of Proton and Baryon’s Magnetic Moment 

DP Tiwari and RS Gupta 

Page No.: 59-67

Spiral Embedded Electrically Small Reconfigurable Antenna 

Anju Pradeep, S Mridula and P Mohanan 

Page No.: 68-74

Design of a Power Efficient D-Flip Flop using AVL Technique 

Suvigya Gupta and Nikhil Saxena 

Page No.: 75-78