Volume 2 Issue 11 2015

Shear Behavior of Reinforced Beam Cast with Super Crete (Icon) 

Salah A Aly, Mohammed E Issa and Magda M Elgaml 

Page No.: 1-9

Heat Transfer Properties of Hibiscus Sabdariffa (Zobo) Extract in a Heat Exchanger 

Gideon Majiyebo Adogbo and Mozie Mary 

Page No.: 10-14

Social Engineering Threats and Awareness: A Survey 

Anshul Kumar, Mansi Chaudhary and Nagresh Kumar 

Page No.: 15-19

Spectral Signature based Chipless RFID Tag using Coupled Bunch Resonators 

Dinesh R and P Mohanan 

Page No.: 20-25

Development and Characterization of Fumed Silica Filled Hydroxyapatite Composites 

Navin Chand, Manish Kumar Patel, S Tiwari and OP Modi 

Page No.: 26-33

Inventive Triorgano Tin (IV) Complexes of Biologically Potent Schiff Base Derivatives 

Savita Belwal and RV Singh 

Page No.: 34-42

PSO Optimized PID Controller for Load Frequency Control 

Deepa Sharma and Bipul Kumar 

Page No.: 43-48

Histogram Equalization and Histogram Matching for the Biomedical Image Enhancement and Visualization 

Ravijot Kaur and Manvinder Sharma 

Page No.: 49-55

Heat Transfer to Magnetohydrodynamic Flow in a Horizontal Channel with Constant Heat Flux 

Dharmeswar Deka 

Page No.: 56-61

Finite Element Analysis of Toroidal Pressure Vessels Using FEASTSMT/PreWin 

Rakendu R, MK Sundaresan and Pinky Merin Philip 

Page No.: 62-68

A Study on Performance of Concrete by Partial Replacement of Cement with Rice Husk Ash and Silica Fume 

S Sundararaman and S Azhagarsamy 

Page No.: 69-72

Power System Oscillations Damping and Transient Stability Enhancement with Application of SSSC FACTS Devices 

Joel R Sutter, John N Nderu and Christopher M Muriithi 

Page No.: 73-79