Volume 2 Issue 10, 2015

Design of Low-Power and High-Speed Opamp Integrated Circuits Using Silicon Nanowire Transistors

Sotoudeh Hamedi-Hagh and Ahmet Bindal 

Page No.: 1-11

Chattering Reduction in Sliding Mode Controlled DC-DC Buck Converter Based on a New Novel Reaching Law

KB Siddesh and Rajanna GS

Page No.: 12-16

Neural Network Based Modified AODV Routing Protocol in VANET 

Soumen Saha, Utpal Roy and Devadutta Sinha 

Page No.: 17-25

Digital Implementations of Float Rectifier cum Boost Charger for Railway Signaling 

Jignesh Joshi and Praful Chudasama 

Page No.: 26-35

Effect of Process Parameters on Continuous Casting Products Solidification Using Surface Response Methodology: A Numerical Study 

Amber Batwara and Sharad Shrivastav 

Page No.: 36-42

Physico-Mechanical and Thermal Behaviour of Binary Blends of EPDM and LLDPE 

Johar Iqbal, KN Pandey, Vishal Verma, Pratibha Singh and RM Mishra 

Page No.: 43-48

An Inexpensive Technique to Determine the Parameter in Free Convection Heat Transfer from Two Parallel Heated Vertical Plates 

Anu Nair P, Saju Elias, Vincy John and Rajan K Amboori 

Page No.: 49-55

Coplanar Waveguide Fed Wideband Minoan Double Axe Antenna for Wireless Applications 

Nishamol MS, Jayakrishnan MP, Sarin VP, Sreejith M Nair, P Mohanan and K Vasudevan 

Page No.: 56-60

Design and Implementation of Smart SCADA in Sugar Mill using LabVIEW 

Balwinder Singh, Lini Mathew and Sumit Patel 

Page No.: 61-65

Particle-in-Cell Simulation for W-Band Power Combiner Multi-Beam Planar Coupled-Cavity Backward Wave Oscillator 

Anurag Srivastava 

Page No.: 66-69

Laser Beam Machining: A Literature Review on Heat affected Zones, Cut Quality and Comparative Study 

Chithirai Pon Selvan M, Nethri Rammohan and Sachidananda HK 

Page No.: 70-76