Volume 2 Issue 1 2015

Implementation of Secure Code Dissemination Protocol for Border Sensor Nodes 

M B Nirmala and A S Manjunath 

Page No.: 1-7

Design of Compact Microstrip Patch Antenna with DGS structure for WLAN & Wi-MAX Applications 

Krishan Gopal Jangid, Vijay Sharma, Rajesh Sharma, V K Saxena, Deepak Bhatnagar and V S Kulhar 

Page No.: 8-11

Numerical Analysis of Flow through MINI Channels 

Anooplal B, Binoy Baby and C J Joseph 

Page No.: 12-20

A New Machine Learning Algorithm for Breast and Pectoral Muscle Segmentation 

Huda Al-Ghaib, Yi Wang and Reza Adhami 

Page No.: 21-29

A Review on Zero Day Attack Safety Using Different Scenarios 

Harshpal R Gosavi and Anant M Bagade 

Page No.: 30-34

A Chronological Review and Comparison of Four Evolutionary Based Algorithms 

Akash Saxena, Bhanu Pratap Soni and Vikas Gupta 

Page No.: 35-41

An Experimental Study and Optimization of Shielded Metal Arc Welding Parameters for Welding of Pipes by Using Taguchi Approach 

Raghavendra N and Dileep Kumar 

Page No.: 42-45

Stress Concentration Factor Converts Into Stress Intensity Factor Using ANSYS

Page No.: 46-49 (Retracted)

Delineation of Run of River Hydropower Potential of Karnali Basin-Nepal Using GIS and HEC-HMS 

Raghu N Prajapati 

Page No.: 50-54

Teeth Feature Extraction and Matching for Human Identification Using Scale Invariant Feature Transform Algorithm 

Dipali Rindhe and Ganesh Sable 

Page No.: 55-64

Process Model for Performance Modeling and Performance Evaluation of DDS Applications 

S Jagannatha, T V Suresh Kumar and Rajanikanth 

Page No.: 65-67

Wireless Power Transfer by Engrafting Resonance to High Voltage Pulses 

Sk Khader, P Vivek, P Santoshi, P Pavani and Ch Kusma Kumari 

Page No.: 68-72

A Survey on Semantic Based Automatic Web Service Compositions 

Mohan H G and Devaraj F V 

Page No.: 73-79

Blind Video Watermarking based on SVD and Multilevel DWT 

Sakshi Batra and Rajneesh Talwar 

Page No.: 80-85

Implementation and Analysis of Symmetric Key Encryption Technique Using Chaos Theory 

Kangkana Bora and Md Abdul Wadood 

Page No.: 86-90

Properties Affected by Different Shape and Different Weight Percentages Nanoparticles, Embedded in Chitosan Polymer Thin Film 

Prakash Sarkar 

Page No.: 91-100