Volume 1 Issue 1 2014

Planar Single and Dual Band Switched Beam Systems on Silicon at C/X-Band

Kamaljeet Singh and K Nagachenchaiah

Page No.: 1-10

Design, Fabrication and Testing of Gun-Collector Test Module for 6 MW Peak, 24 kW Average Power, S-Band Klystron

Deepender Kant, Debasish Pal, A K Bandyopadhyay, Rakesh Meena, Bijendra Singh, V S Rawat, L M Joshi and K Dixit

Page No.: 11-15

Intensive study report and Modeling of Waveguide Coupled Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Effective Fringing Area and Parallel Loading Method

Nandkumar M Shetti, Sahana Nair and N H Ayachit

Page No.: 16-22

Low Cost ISR Development for Quadcopter

Prabhjot Singh Sandhu

Page No.: 23-32

Defragmentation of Consumer Cases related to Banking Sector of Indian Legal Domain using Expert System

Goldi Soni and Jyoti Singh

Page No.: 33-37

Detection of Plastic Mulching Films in Cotton using HSI color space

Karandeep and Ravinder Kumar

Page No.: 38-42

Comparative Dielectric Behaviour of Black Pepper and White Pepper

Vishal Singh Chandel, Mohd. Shafi Khan, Rajiv Manohar and Satyendra Pratap Singh

Page No.: 43-47

Designing of Rectangular Fractal Microstrip Patch Antenna using Iteration Methods

Yogesh Bhomia, S V A V Prasad and Pradeep Kumar

Page No.: 48-53

MIMO-OFDM in Rayleigh Fading Channel with LDPC

Karnveer Singh and Rajneesh Talwar

Page No.: 54-60

Circularly Polarized Square Patch Microstrip Antenna with Y- Shaped Slot for Wi-Max Application

Sumita Shekhawat and Vijay Sharma

Page No.: 61-68

Annealing Influence on the Optical Properties of Nano ZnO

Saad Al-Sabbagh and Ali H Majeed

Page No.: 69-73