Q 1: Can I publish a review or survey paper in European Journal of Advances in Engineering &Technology (EJAET)?

There are no restrictions on the type of paper that may be published within EJAET. Any article submitted that falls within the aims and scope of a journal will be eligible to be published in EJAET.

 Q 2: How to submit manuscripts to EJAET?

Authors should submit their manuscript through our online submission (www.ejaet.com). Papers may also be sent via email europeanjournals@gmail.com

 Q 3: How do I know whether my manuscript submission to EJAET worked OK?

After submission of your Paper through portal or via email an acknowledgement will be sent to you in next 2-4 working days.

(please do not made multiple submission)

 Q 4: How much will it cost to publish in EJAET?

The Journal Works on Principal of NO PROFIT NO LOSS.

In order to maintain the open-access and to ensure the strict reviewing and editing process with efficient publication services to the authors, it is requisite that some of the authors have to pay the nominal fees INR 150 per page (with a minimum of INR 1000) (if paper accepted and is not as per Template).

The European Journal of Advances in Engineering and Technology (EJAET) offer discounts on publication fees for encouraging scholars who have financial difficulties or researchers from lower income countries to make contributions to scientific research.

Q 5: How long does the review process take?

The review result generally takes the time of three to four weeks after submission. The accepted papers will appear in next issue (subjected to payment of article processing charges).

 Q 6: Whom do I contact if I have questions about the status of my manuscript?

Please contact us via the email:  editor@ejaet.com or europeanjournals@gmail.com

 Q 7: What type of file format do you accept?

We accept Microsoft Word 2003 or higher format.

  Q 8: Where can I find a template for submission of a paper in EJAET?

Template is available on the website: www.ejaet.com

 Q 9: How many pages are allowed in any submitted paper?

Submissions should not be exceeding 6 pages in length otherwise page charges have to be borne by the Authors (INR 100/- or 5 US dollar per extra page after page limit).

 Q 10: How many papers can an author submit and what are the restrictions?

An author can submit any number of different papers for publication consideration. You cannot submit the same paper to more than one journal at the same time for consideration.

 Q 11: How many numbers of Authors are allowed in one paper?

There is no limitation on number of Authors in a paper.

 Q 12: Do you provide any certificate of publication?

We does not provide any certificate, even though once a paper is published, there is no mean of its certification. Author can download their paper any time from journals web www.ejaet.com

 Q 13: Is this an International Journal or National Journal?

It is an international Journal.