Volume 4, Issue 9, 2017


Effects of Lime Stabilization on the pH Scales of Soils in Parts of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

PH Bhengu and D Allopi

Page No.: 644-648


New Trends in Solar Energy Modeling and Developing a Relation for Performance of Solar Radiation

Bal Mukund Sharma and Kuldeep Sahay

Page No.: 649-656


Corrosion Inhibition and Adsorption Properties of Soy Polymer  Extract of Glycine Mac-L On Mild Steel in Acidic Medium

CO Chike-Onyegbula, HC Obasi, UL Ezeamaku and LAzubuike

Page No.: 657-662


Study of Various Pretreatment Methods for Tea Waste for the   Removal of Nickel Ni (II) Ions from Synthetic Waste Water by    Adsorption

Sudeep Asthana, Shweta Gupta and SK Sharma

Page No.: 663-667


Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation in Fiber-Wireless (FiWi) Access Networks

Uma Rathore Bhatt, Alpa Sharma, Vijendra Mishra and Raksha Upadhyay

Page No.: 668-677


Design and Implementation of Speech Controlled Spider Bot

Kazi Mustafizul Gani, Hafezur Rahman Chowdhury, Sakil Khan, Tauhid, Wayes Arefin and Saniat Rahman Zishan

Page No.: 678-685


Current-Mode DVCCCTA based KHN Filter with Two Capacitors and Two NMOS-Resistors

Tom Taraque Sabbah, Tahira Parveen and Parveen Beg

Page No.: 686-690



Simulation of Gas Turbine Power Plant using High Pressure Fogging Air Intake Cooling System

EK Orhorhoro, EN Achimnole, MO Onogbotsere and O Oghoghorie

Page No.: 691-696


Development of a New Material System for a High Strength Mechanical Applications

Gowtham BP, Rudramuni Sand Maheshkumar Matin

Page No.: 697-706


Evaluation of Biological Fouling of RO/MF Membrane and Methods to Prevent It

Maliheh Torki, Nima Nazari and Toraj Mohammadi

Page No.: 707-710


An Investigation of Dynamic Characteristics of Milling Cutter for Better Health Condition Monitoring

V Sudheer Kumar, Ch Nagarajuand M Balaji

Page No.: 711-716