Volume 4, Issue 8, 2017


Dynamic Modelling and Optimal Sizing of Stand-Alone Hybrid Wind/Diesel Power Generation System 

Abd Essalam Badoud, Samia Latreche and Mabrouk Khemliche 

Page No.: 569-576


MATLAB/Simulink based Three-Phase Converter for Unbalanced AC 

GD Kamalapur, VR Sheelavant, Madgunki Deepika A, Netravati G Chavan and Shanthala P 

Page No.: 577-583


An Improved VBM3D Filtering Technique for Removal Noise in Video Signals 

Himanshu Makkar and Onkar Singh Lamba 

Page No.: 584-591


Evaluation of Vegetable Based Lubricants on Hardness Property of ECAE Aluminum 

Temitayo M Azeez, John T Oladeji, Lateef O Mudashiru and Ikenna D Uchegbu 

Page No.: 592-596


Design and Performance Analysis of Solar Greenhouse Heating 

Ahmad Fahad Tayab, Md. Saleh Ebn Sharif and Md. Moniruzzaman 

Page No.: 597-602


Parametric ‘Useful’ Information Measure of Order   Degree  and Some Coding Theorem 

Dhanesh Garg 

Page No.: 603-607


Heat Transfer Analysis of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger using Al2O3/SiC Nanofluid 

Pankaj K Pandey, Palak K Lakhani, Kapil Kumar, Parth Bohra and Rounak Mishra 

Page No.: 608-616


Effects of Hydrogen Peroxide Treated Pineapple Leaf Powder on Mechanical Properties of High Density Polyethylene Composites 

Eze IO, Igwe IO, Ogbobe O, Obasi HC, Ezeamaku UL, Nwanonenyi SC, Anyanwu EE and Nwachukwu I 

Page No.: 617-622


Generation of Bio Electricityby Active Sludge Process 

AnandababuP, BalajiA, SugumaranG, ViseshG and Ganesh Kumar S 

Page No.: 623-628


Experimentation & Simulation of Dual Fuel (Diesel-CNG) Engine of Off Road Vehicle 

Adwait Jadhav and DB Hulwan 

Page No.: 629-636


Effects of Filler Content and Particle Size on the Mechanical Properties of Unsaturated Polyester Resin Reinforced with Rice Husk-Coconut Shell Particles 

Ipilakyaa T Daniel, Dagi C Nenge and Tuleun L Tyovenda 

Page No.: 637-643