Volume 4, Issue 7, 2017


Review of Recent Developments in 3-D Printing of Turbine Blades 

Sahith Reddy Madara and Chithirai Pon Selvan

Page No.: 497-509


Jute-Glass Fiber Based Composite for Engineering Application 

Md. Rafiquzzaman, Mahbuba Zannat, Rahul Roy and Mst Nazma Sultana 

Page No.: 510-515


Effect of Perturb & Observe Algorithm and Incremental Conductance Algorithm on the Performance of Cuk Converters for Photovoltaic Application 

Bal Mukund Sharma and Kuldeep Sahay 

Page No.: 516-523


Comparative Analysis of Vedic and Array Multiplier 

Aniket Kumar and Vishikha Sharma 

Page No.: 524-531


Design of Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Controller for Flow Systems 

Awadalla Taifour Ali and Hiam Awad Ahmed 

Page No.: 532-540


Implementation of Area Efficient 128-bit Based AES Algorithm in FPGA 

N Sivasankari , K Rampriya and A Muthukumar 

Page No.: 541-548


Behaviour of Concrete Utilizing Metakaoline: A Review 

Basant K Bansal, Digvijay S Chouhan, Trilok Gupta and Ravi K Sharma 

Page No.: 549-554


An Experimental Study on Effect of Particle Size and Angularity on Void Ratio of Granular Soils 

Babak Karimi Ghalehjough and Suat Akbulut and Semet Çelik 

Page No.: 555-559


Design of Bio-Waste Grinding Machine for Anaerobic Digestion (AD) System 

EK Orhorhoro, POB Ebunilo and EG Sadjere 

Page No.: 560-568