Volume 4, Issue 12, 2017


Thermo-Mechanical Characterization of Unreinforced and Carbon-Reinforced Shape Memory Polymer

Tanmay Ramani and Bassem Andrawes

Page No.: 878-887


Performance Comparison of PI and IP Controller in Speed Control of DC Motor

Saleh Ebn Sharif and Anamika Bose

Page No.: 888-895


Fuzzy Convolutional Neural Network Based Noise Reduction Technique in Scene Text Detection and Recognition

Vaibhav Kumar and ML Garg

Page No.: 896-901


Comparison of Radiation Performance of Different Style Patch Antenna

Vijay Sharma

Page No.: 902-906


Hydration Heat Evolution and Fineness of Blended Cement Containing Steel Slag and Pumice

Hanifi Binici, Ismail H Cagatay and Mustafa Eken

Page No.: 907-913


Fiber Orientation Effect on Mechanical Properties of Coconut Leaf Midrib Reinforced Polymer Composite

Shuvescha De, Rumana Parvin and Md. Rafiquzzaman

Page No.: 914-919


A Novel Approach for Optimal Routing Detection in MANET with Fuzzy Rough Set Model (ORD-FRM)

SRM Krishna, V Kamakshi Prasad, MN Sita Ramanath, P Arvind and G Chandrasekhar

Page No.: 920-925


Temperature Dependence of Dielectric Properties of Sodium Potassium Niobate Ceramics for Different Values of x (Na1−xKxNbO3)

Don Biswas, Gambheer Kathait, Prashant Thapliyal, Vishal Rohilla and Surendra Singh

Page No.: 926-931


Elena – A Novel Component Based Life Cycle Model

Sandeep Chopra, MK Sharma and Lata Nautiyal

Page No.: 932-940


High Speed 3D-DCT/IDCT CORDIC Algorithm for DSP Application

Bharati Y Masram and PT Karule

Page No.: 941-950