Volume 4, Issue 10, 2017


The Effect of Rutting in Flexible Pavement as a Result of Aggregate Gradation On Asphalt Mixes 

Bathandwa Nzuzo NgxonAnchorgo and Dhiren Allopi 

Page No.: 717-722


Structural, Ionic Transport and Dielectric Studies of Polyvinyl Formal (PVF) based NCPEs Dispersed with Multiferroic (BFO) Filler

Markandey Singh, Kamlesh Pandey and SL Agrawal 

Page No.: 723-732


Determination of Wastewater Quality Index of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant using Fuzzy Rule Base 

SB Raut, GS Anaokar and AS Dharnaik 

Page No.: 733-738


PAPR Reduction in SLM Scheme using Exhaustive Search Method 

MVS Sairam 

Page No.: 739-743


Optical Study of Six Oils of Indian Origin 

Satyendra Pratap Singh, Vishal Singh Chandel and Rajiv Manohar 

Page No.: 744-751


Automated Age Prediction Using Geometric Features of Facial Images and Neural Network 

Sudip Mandal, Ujjal Murmu and Baidyanath Sarkar 

Page No.: 752-758


Effect of Reinforcement on stability and Settlement of Embankment: A Finite Element analysis of Different Kinds of Reinforcing and Construction Conditions 

Payam Majedi, Babak Karimi Ghalehjough, Suat Akbulut and Semet Çelik 

Page No.: 759-764


Effect of Garment Size Ratio and Marker Width Variation on Marker Efficiency for both Manual and Computerized MarkerMohammad Faizur Rahman, Mohammad Rafiqur Rashid, EmdadulHaque and Md. ZulfikarHasan

Page No.: 765-772


Black Carbon Incorporation Effect on Optical Properties of Poly-Methyl Methacrylate Films 

Hasan H Mahdi 

Page No.: 773-778


The Influence of Waste Crankcase Oil Blended Fuel Samples on Flame and Thermal Behaviour of Atomising Swirl Oil Burner

BS Lukaand IR Ejilah

Page No.: 779-787