Volume 3, Issue 7, 2016


On the Introduction of the Irreversibility in a DBD Plasma Based Channel Flow: A Study on Entropy Generation Rate 

A Jafarimoghaddam and S Aberoumand 

Page No.: 1-8


Voltage Stability Improvement on Optimal placement of FACTS Devices 

Mutegi AM, Kihato PK, Muriithi CM and Saulo MJ 

Page No.: 9-15


Assessment of Surface Water Quality Using Qual2k Software: A Case Study of River Yamuna, India 

Sunusi Idris, Yusuf Abdulfatah Abdu, Gaurav Saini 

Page No.: 16-23


People Decision Making at Various Levels 

Baban Parisa Dathwade 

Page No.: 24-27


Review on Tries for IPv6 Lookups 

Rohit G Bal 

Page No.: 28-33


Aboodh Decomposition Method and its Application in Solving Linear and Nonlinear Heat Equations 

Rahmatullah Ibrahim Nuruddeen and Aminu M Nass 

Page No.: 34-37


Proposed Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Brain Tumor Analysis 

Abdulganiyu Abdu Yusuf, Zahraddeen Sufyanu, Kabir Yusuf Mamman and Abubakar Umar Suleiman 

Page No.: 38-42


Transmission of Ground Vibration on Road Side Structures 

Daha S Aliyu, Yusuf Abdulfatah Abdu and Danjuma A Yusuf 

Page No.: 43-46


Introducing an Optimized Airfoil Shape Using Panel Method: A Short Report 

A Jafarimoghaddam and S Aberoumand 

Page No.: 47-52


Estimating the Minimum Fluidization and De-Fluidization Velocities of Geldart’s Classified Powders 

Ahmad Mukhtar, Umar Shafiq, Kanwal Shafique and Masooma Qizilbash 

Page No.: 53-57


Page No.: 58-64


Iterative Least Square Polynomial Approximation Method for filtering ECG Signals 

Bindu Xavier and PB Dahikar 

Page No.: 65-70


Short Term V/S Long Term Optimizations of Nano-Additions on Ordinary Portland Cement 

Mainak Ghosal and Arun Kr Chakraborty 

Page No.: 71-77


Software Bug Prediction System Using Neural Network 

Rakesh Kumar and DL Gupta 

Page No.: 78-84


Saving Cost in valve assembly using Internal Factors 

Anuj Kumar Shrivastava, Mahesh Shahapure and Santosh Dalvi 

Page No.: 85-89


Effects of Industrial Solid Waste on Crop and Yield of Solanum melongena L. (Brinjal) 

Srinivas J, Purushotham AV and Murali Krishna KVSG 

Page No.: 90-95