Volume 3, Issue 5, 2016


A Study on COAdsorption of Zeolite Plasters and its Effects on Durability Properties of RCC Members, Concrete Tiles and Floorings 

A Haamidh and S Prabavathy 

Page No.: 1-7


Humanoid Robots – Past, Present and the Future 

Joe Denny, Mohamed Elyas, Shannon Angel D’costa and Royson Donate D’Souza 

Page No.: 8-15


A Single Source Based Asymmetric Multilevel Converter 

Kamini Sahu and Mahendra Kumar Pradhan 

Page No.: 16-22


Analytical Computation of Bell Cone Nozzle with AP+AL+HTPB Propellant Rocket Motor for Variable Percentage of Oxidizer Fuel Mixture 

Laeeq Ahmed Khan Aqil and Md. Abdul Raheem Junaidi 

Page No.: 23-28


Object Detection for Collision Avoidance in ITS 

Rupojyoti Kar and Samarendra Nath Sur 

Page No.: 29-35


Numerical Study of Natural Convection on a Heated Flat Plate Subjected to Periodic Boundary Conditions 

Ashraf Balabel 

Page No.: 36-39


Design, Analysis and Fabrication of Human Powered Hybrid Vehicle 

Sumit Panchal and Hemant Singh Rajput 

Page No.: 40-45


Design of Digital Current Mode Controller for Active Clamp Forward Converter 

Ravindra Janga and Sushama Malaji 

Page No.: 46-55


Multi Criteria Decision Making Tools for Supplier Evaluation and Selection: A Review 

Mst. Nazma Sultana, Md. Habibur Rahman and Abdullah Al Mamun 

Page No.: 56-65


Discrimination between Conventional and Modified P&O Algorithm for Solar PV Cell Application Using MATLAB 

Akhil Nigam 

Page No.: 66-69


Value Addition to the Green Tea with Bio-Supplement Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni) 

Thapaswini Rao B and D Kodandaram Reddy 

Page No.: 70-73