Volume 3, Issue 2, 2016


Maximum Depth of Cut for Borosilicate Glass using Abrasive Waterjet Technique 

Chithirai Pon Selvan M, Sampath SS, Sawan Shetty and Sarath Raj NS 

Page No.: 1-5


A Hybrid Approach of Intrusion Detection using ANN and FCM 

 Swain Sunita, Badajena J Chandrakanta and Rout Chinmayee 

Page No.: 6-14


Expected Number of Zeros of a Random Trigonometric Polynomial 

PK Mishra and Dipty Rani Dhal 

Page No.: 15-20


Catalytic Synthesis of Isopropyl Benzene from Di isopropyl Benzene using Triflic Acid Catalyst at Room Temperature 

M Shahid Mirza, Zunair Shahzad, Umar Shafiq and Ahmad Mukhtar 

Page No.: 21-26


Effect of Carbon Black Type on the Thermal Properties of Fluoroelastomer 

Mohammad Mahdi Salehi, Talat Khalkhali, Rohollah Soleyman and Mohammad Barari 

Page No.: 27-30


Semantic Based Friend Recommendation System: Review 

Rani D Kubetkar and Emmanuel M 

Page No.: 31-38


Analysis of Material Handling Management in Medium Scale Industry 

Aarti Sahu, Manoj Kumar Gaur and Pankaj Srivastav 

Page No.: 39-44


Increasing Productivity through Automation 

Dheeraj Nimawat and Ashish Shrivastava 

Page No.: 45-47



Aspect Ranking Mechanism for Mining Consumer Opinions: A Survey 

Rashid Salman and SC Dharmadhikari 

Page No.: 48-51


Smart Aquaponics System: Challenges and Opportunities 

Shafeena T 

Page No.: 52-55


Electrical Inserts in Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite 

Baban Parisa Dathwade, Raghu MJ and  KR Channakeshava

Page No.: 56-59