Volume 3, Issue 12, 2016


Finite Element Solver for 2D Linear Elasticity Beam 

Sabah Moussaoui and Mourad Belgasmia 

Page No.: 1-6


Analysis of High Resolution Spectral Methods to Assess Power Quality 

Celia Shahnaz, Md. Saleh Ebn Sharif, Md. Ziaul Hoque and Md. Shofiqul Islam 

Page No.: 7-15


Multi-Objective Flexible Job-Shop Scheduling and Control of JIT Systems 

Chukwuedozie N Ezema, Eric C Okafor and Christiana C Okezie 

Page No.: 16-22


Fabrication and COP Calculation of Thermoelastic Cooling System 

Syed Amjad Ahmad, Muzammal Mobeen, M Ahmad and Usama Ali 

Page No.: 23-29


Eastern Anti Atlas Phanerozoic Granular Iron Formations (IFs): Nomenclature and Classification, Case of Ordovician Basin of Tafilalt 

Saoud N, Charroud M, Dahire M, Hinaj S and Mounir S 

Page No.: 30-38


Prediction of Evaporation Loss in Reservoir with Fuzzy Logic Approach                                          AD Kulkarni and GS Anaokar 

Page No.: 39-42


Modelling of Battery Data Acquisition System for Vehicles 

Pooja Kulkarni, GD Kamalapur and Gurudath Subramanya Amritapura 

Page No.: 43-50


Experimental Investigation of Solar Flat Plate Collector with Double Glazing System 

H Vettrivel and P Mathiazhagan 

Page No.: 51-55


Early Glaucoma Detection and Prediction with Perimetry Visual Field using Classification and Regression Trees 

Adeleke DS, Oladosu JB, Iwayemi A and Olawoye OO 

Page No.: 56-62