Volume 2, Issue 9, 2015


Improvement DFIG Behaviour against Symmetrical Short Circuit Fault by Superconducting Current Limiter 

Mohammad Yousefikia, Ehsan Gharibreza and Moslem Baledi 

Page No.: 1-7


Successive Passage of Atoms in a Cavity in Interacting Fock Space 

PK Das and Prasanta Haldar 

Page No.: 8-15


Fully Automatic Segmentation of Different Brain Tissue from MR Image 

Subrata Jana 

Page No.: 16-19


Design Methodology for the Fischer-Tropsch Reactor for the Production of Green Diesel from Coal Syngas 

Waqar Ali Khan, Imran Shamshad, Umar Shafiq and Ahmad Mukhtar 

Page No.: 20-24


WSN Optimization Using BEE Colony Optimization 

Lovedeep Kaur and Rajneesh Talwar 

Page No.: 25-33


Finite Difference Simulation of Fin for Engine Cooling 

Uttam S Narwaria, Premanand S Chauhan and Juber Husain 

Page No.: 34-38


An Image Processing Approach for Detection of Surface Cracks in EDM Machined Aerospace Super Alloy – Inconel X750 

K J Sabareesaan, R Varahamoorthi, Habeeb Al Ani K and J Jaya 

Page No.: 39-44


An Intelligent Wheelchair Controlled using Keyboard and Accelerometer 

D Anjaneyulu, B Ajanta Reddy and BVNR Siva Kumar 

Page No.: 45-51


Effect of Permeabilities on the Translational Motion of a Spherical Particle with Porous Core in a Concentric Spherical Cavity 

Mukesh Awasthi, Nidhi Pandya and Sunil Datta  

Page No.: 52-58


Shear Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams Casted With Recycled Coarse Aggregate 

Salah A Aly, Mohammed A Ibrahim and Mostafa M Khttab 

Page No.: 59-71


Review on Acoustic Source Localization Techniques 

Ritu and Sanjeev Kumar Dhull 

Page No.: 72-77


e – Epidemic Model on the Computer Viruses in the Network 

SM Omair and Samir Kumar Pandey 

Page No.: 78-82


Analytic Network Process (ANP): An Approach for Supplier Selection in an Automobile Organization 

Amit Kumar Gupta, OP Singh and RK Garg 

Page No.: 83-89