Volume 2, Issue 3, 2015


Modeling and Structural Analysis of Alloy Wheel Using COSMOS 

K Kalyani Radha, G Srinivas Kumar and J Paul Rufus Babu 

Page No.: 1-6


Literature Survey on Intelligent Traffic Surveillance System using Swarm Technology 

Nikita A Haribhakta, Rohini R Jagtap, Ujjwala Jagtap, Priyanka Bayas and Deepthi Kulkarni 

Page No.: 7-9


Decolourization of Simulated Dye in Aqueous Medium using Bacterial Strains 

Jyoti Mehta, Neeraj Dilbaghi, Surjit Singh Dudeja, Anoop Yadav and Parveen Sharma 

Page No.: 9-18


Implementation of Optimization Algorithm by Sub-Carriers Assignment and Power Allocation for LTE and Cognitive Radio Network using OFDM Signal 

Gurwinder Singh and Puneet Mehta 

Page No.: 19-23


Enhance LFSR Cipher 

Louay A Hussein Al-Nuamy 

Page No.: 24-29


Performance Analysis on the Basis of Efficiency Sensitivity and Error Percentage of Detection of Single Carrier FDMA 

Navdeep Singh and Rinkesh Mittal 

Page No.: 30-32


LockZoo-Security App for Handheld Devices 

Akanksha J Kulkarni, Dipali R Shinde, Sanjivani R Gaidhani, Yogita B Labhade and Monali Borade 

Page No.: 33-37


An Innovative Approach for City Bus Location with Route Navigation System using Android 

Ravi P, Rohitaksha K, Abhilash CB and Pradeep HK     

Page No.: 38-45


Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Modulation Scheme for 4G/5G Cellular Network 

Santosh M Nejakar, Prabhu G Benakop and Sharanabasappa RR 

Page No.: 46-50


Effects of Suction and Internal Heat Generation on Hydromagnetic Mixed Convective Nanofluid Flow over an Inclined Stretching Plate 

P Suriyakumar and S P Anjali Devi 

Page No.: 51-58


Flexural Strength Prediction in FRP Strengthened Concrete Bridge Girders 

Muruganandam Mohanamurthy and Nur Yazdani 

Page No.: 59-68


Performance of Hybrid Air Collector under Different Condition 

Deepika Chauhan, YS Shishodia and Sanjay Agarwal 

Page No.: 69-75



Na-carboxmethylecellulose properties effected by nanoparticles in different shape and weight percentages

Prakash Sarkar 

Page No.: 76-83


Comparison of Population Based Intelligent Techniques to Solve Load Dispatch Problem 

Anirudh Singh, Akash Saxena and Bhanu Pratap Soni 

Page No.: 84-89



A Design and Moulding Analysis of Two Plate Mould Tool for Motor Rare Housing Thermoplastic Product 

Raghavendra N, Pramod R Sharma and M C Math 

Page No.: 90-95


Study of Structural and Conduction Behaviour in Ionic Liquid based Polymeric Electrolyte Membrane with Layered Filler 

Kamlesh Pandey, Nidhi Asthana and Mrigank Mauli Dwivedi

Page No.: 96-101