Volume 2, Issue 2, 2015


Vibration Analysis of Hollow Sectioned Curved Beam using Finite Element Method 

Sampath S S, Sawan Shetty and Chithirai Pon Selvan M 

Page No.: 1-5


Barriers to Implement Green Supply Chain Management in Small Scale Industry using Interpretive Structural Modeling Technique - A North Indian Perspective 

Pankaj Srivastav and Manoj Kumar Gaur 

Page No.: 6-13


Light Induced Defects in Se90Sb8Ag2 Thin Film 

Anjani Kumar, S K Sharma and Ashok Kumar 

Page No.: 14-18


Requirement of Wearable Robots in Current Scenario 

Dheeraj Nimawat and Pawan Raj Singh Jailiya 

Page No.: 19-23


Status and Reform towards Development Energy Sector of Bangladesh 

Amam Hossain Bagdadee 

Page No.: 24-28



MRR Prediction Model for Electrical Discharge Machining of INCONEL X750 by Response Surface Methodology Using MINITAB Software 

KJ Sabareesaan, R Varahamoorthi, Habeeb A Ani K and J Jaya 

Page No.: 29-33


Multiple Object Tracking using Kalman Filter and Optical Flow 

Sanjivani Shantaiya, Kesari Verma and Kamal Mehta 

Page No.: 34-39


Low Cost Automated Machine for Paper Gathering and Folding 

Thivanka Kasun Gunawardena, P R Dadigamuwa and B G D A Madhusanka 

Page No.: 40-43


A Review on Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) for Photovoltaic (PV) Systems 

Kaustubh S Kulkarni, Sanket U Bhagare, Deepak P Shete and Deepthi D Kulkarni 

Page No.: 44-45


Enlarged Nuclear Tracks in FeCl3 doped Polymeric Membrane 

Dipeeka Patanwadia and N K Acharya 

Page No.: 46-49


Unsteady Flows of Low Concentrated Aqueous Polymer Solutions through a Planar Channel with Wall Slip 

Mikhail A Artemov and Evgeni S Baranovskii 

Page No.: 50-54


Design of Fast Floating Point Multiply Accumulate Unit using Ancient Mathematics for DSP Applications 

Meenu S Ravi1, R H Khade and Ajit Saraf 

Page No.: 55-59


Optimal Joint Maximum Likelihood based Estimator for Discrete Nonlinear Dynamic Systems 

Ilan Rusnak 

Page No.: 60-68


Study and Analysis of Dielectric Behavior of Fertilized Soil at Microwave Frequency 

Rajesh Mohan R, S Mridula and P Mohanan 

Page No.: 73-79


A survey on Energy-Aware Cloud 

S Sohrabi and I Moser 

Page No.: 80-91


Finite Element Method Analysis of Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing 

Raghavendra N, M C Math and Pramod R Sharma 

Page No.: 92-101


Comparison of Suspended Growth and Attached Growth Wastewater Treatment Process: A Case Study of Wastewater Treatment Plant at MNIT, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India 

Neetu Dabi 

Page No.: 102-105



Educational Decision Making System Using Indexing & Dynamic Hashing 

Gite SN and Chakote GP

Page No.: 106-109